MS "Cybersecurity" Programs?

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by Beagle412, Oct 25, 2010.

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    I am impressed by the quality of information on this thread. There are a lot of good resources here. I am sure I will visit this place again soon.
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    A Navy buddy of mine is taking up Cybersecurity at UMUC. He's originally from Oklahoma and I told him about a grad certificate Oklahoma State offers online. He's a Sooner fan to the core and hates Okstate.
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    Well what I'd also add is this.

    The poster needs to decide if he wants to do what he loves, or what will make him money consistently. I will absolutely guarantee two things.

    1. That as you've already said, technology will constantly change and you need to change with it. Those with perpetual degree-seeking disorder will love IT and be alright in it if they feel similarly about IT.

    2. That if a person is like many who got into IT back in the 90s because they could make good money without a solid education underneath them, they're better off going into health care with a cert program and preparing themselves to follow the career trends as they present themselves, IT, Health Care, whatever is next.

    To be fair, I started out as the guy in option two after leaving some rough gigs. Over time I decided to become the guy in option one.
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    I'm not sure how actual this is, but I've observed certifications in details confidence are usually regarded value more if the location they're provided is outlined as a Middle for Instructional Quality in Information Assurance by the Nationwide Protection Organization.
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    I am also curious about this program.
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    Hi, I'm am planning to pursue Masters in Computer Science in the US. I researched for some colleges and found that places like those mentioned in this thread UMUC etc offer MS in Information Assurance.

    I was interested in pursuing MS in Computer Science with specialization as Computer Security. What are the employment opportunities for this currently?
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    Are there any MS information security/assurance programs out there for people with degrees in non tech related fields and no tech experience? I want to exclude UMUC, their program is not good.
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    Yes, but you will need to pick up a few certifications first, to qualify. The WGU MSISA requires that you have one of the following:
    1) BS in IT with an emphasis on networking
    2) CISSP or CCNA certification
    3) 3 years IT security experience

    I highlighted number two. While a CISSP certification is impractical for a newbie, a CCNA cert could be awarded to a person with limited tech experience who is willing to study hard. Essentially, you would need to teach yourself networking. It is not as impossible as it sounds. i know many people that taught themselves by going through tutorials and setting up test networks at home.

    The bigger question is whether a person with an MSISA but NO EXPERIENCE could get a job. Personally, I think it would be difficult. It would also be unnecessary, since there are tons of entry level tech jobs (e.g. helpdesk) that don't require masters degrees. For these jobs, you get a few of the basic certs, take the low paying helpdesk/tech support job, and as your experience and certifications increase, you can rapidly move on to higher paying jobs with greater responsibility.

    Eventually, you will "grow into" positions that require you to get a masters degree. In these cases, once you have the masters, you will also have the experience to back it up.
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    This is very nice topic and i want to acquire this degree. Now program is very important things and this program is very need for us. Cyberattacks are being waged all over the world. If anyone want to know about it and get many information about it please follow the link below. (link deleted by moderator)
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    I am interested in an MS in security and would prefer a college that does not have exams. Would prefer projects and papers over proctored exams. I already have a BS in IT and this would have to be an online school. Any ideas?
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    I did my bachelor's in Cyber at UMUC now I am going to do my master's there as well my friend goes there and he is twice my age going in Europe hybrid face to face / online he really likes it. I am 21 but I couldn't help but go into it since the program reduces my credits by 6 credits making the program go to 30 credits. It is a great program and it is heavily regarded for federal government service sometimes I wonder if they are the same thing o_O
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    Just wondering. After all of the news about data breaches and, you know, that one Snowden guy . . . I have to wonder.

    What happens if you go into security and there's a massive breach on your watch? You're going to get blamed and fired, even if it wasn't your fault.

    Not sure if this is still a good career move.
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    I completed WGU MS-Information Security Assurance in under 3 months (their fixed rate term officially covers 6 months). I did not have the ethical hacker or forensics investigator certs before I started, and waited 2 months to do them. Otherwise, the rest of the coursework can be done at your own pace, and if you have experience (and CISSP), it's very doable. I understand that the program is rigorous, so if a student lacks motivation, the program may take 2-3 years.
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    This is me being easily obsessed, but I'm doing some hypothetical research for my very real 8th grade son who has expressed interest in cybersecurity as a potential career. This could change 1000 times before he's locked his sights on something, but I thought since I was doing research, that I'd share what I find. Furthermore, since I know -nothing- about this field, it's good to get feedback along the way.

    So, I'm poking around for my son:

    So, using Cyber's opening post, I limited my search to schools that the NSA map identified as CAE, and then limited to 2 year community college programs. Of that (short) list, I checked articulation agreements and CLEP policies for each. What I believe is the best of the group is Northern Virginia Community College Now, it doesn't say online program, but it is pretty darn close if you're creative.

    NVCC has a really generous CLEP/DSST policy with equivalency documents on their webpage (love that) and they have very interesting articulation agreements. Not only do they guarantee transfer, but they guarantee admission.

    Now I went back through the NSA site for schools that were part of the guaranteed articulation agreement and were CAE. The winner in that group was Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech is one of the few that allowed credits earned in high school to actually count without strings. *when you're an adult, it doesn't matter, but as a high school student, some colleges/universities treat dual-enrollment differently. My son would be in high school while earning his AAS, so this is a factor.

    Virginia Tech has top notch on the ground programs, including an full tuition scholarship for anyone majoring in Computer Science or Computer Engineering willing to minor in Cybersecurity. *that's a winner*

    As a follow up, they also offer grad certs and MS options fully online.
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    One other comment, the NVCC tuition for online/out of state is $325, for 100/200 level courses, ouch. Does CAE matter?
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    Full tuition scholarship for anyone majoring in CS w/ a minor in Cybersecuity ?
    I assume it's a merit base scholarship ? Or it's for everyone who enters/selected that program ?

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    thanks !
    annnnd, gah, requirements look so hard. It's more suited for on campus students who've been there for a long time.

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