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Discussion in 'Nursing and medical-related degrees' started by Randell1234, Dec 27, 2009.

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    I'm guessing that MPH programs are about to get pretty popular, especially if a virus is about to cause the highest unemployment rates in most people's lifetimes.
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    There has been rapid demand for Health Educators and Community Health Workers. Report
    Here is a comprehensive guide that provides an overview of the types of accredited online MPH programs, admission requirements, how to select the best affordable online MPH programs, degree requirements, job projections and salaries, and types financial aid.
    Most Affordable Online Master’s in Public Health for 2020
    Happy Learning.

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    Wrong logos!

    [​IMG] This is not the University of Arizona's logo.

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    Great documentary on what is Public Health produced by Minnesota's TPT PBS station..

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    Personally, I recently decided to go to Lamar University for an online MPH program. It is one of the cheapest programs and has a low barrier to entry, e.g. no letters of recommendation required. (I was running out of time for applying to fall, and they have two mini-semesters each semester.) It is not accredited by the CEPH, but they have applied for accreditation.

    Lamar University also provided me with a $500 discount for my first semester, and it probably would have been $700 as advertised if I did not have to take leveling courses first. (At least a few Lamar online masters programs have a discount for the first class/semester, but I had to explicitly ask the finance department for the discount since they did not apply it automatically.)

    The program is 42 credits, which includes the 12 undergraduate credits I am taking this fall as leveling courses (since I did not take any health courses as an undergrad).

    Anyway, thanks for all the information. I wanted to post after lurking so long ;) I will post an update after the courses are underway.

    After I finish this MPH program, I plan to apply to the DrPH program at Walden or elsewhere.
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    And a side note about Lamar University: They, along with some other Texas universities, seem to dole out the financial aid earlier than most. You get your financial aid remainder/refund before classes even start.
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    I'm trying to choose between Lamar and another program and all the information you provided is definitely helpful. I couldn't find the cost of attendance for Lamar anywhere... Are you allowed to borrow extra for room and board/supplies if necessary? Thanks again for all the info :)
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    Sorry I did not see your post earlier.

    Yes, you are allowed to borrow extra, just like everywhere else. The cost of attendance did not seem to be an issue for me borrowing a maximum (or near maximum) amount of $20,500 per year.

    For each major term (like fall and spring), they distribute half before the semester starts and the other half in October (since each major term consists of two mini-terms).

    Incidentally, they credited me with the remaining $200 for the $700 tuition discount. This is the discount they were giving out for one's first semester in the program.
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    Anyone know of any MPH programs that are mainly paper writing based? I looked into Liberty and American Public University but they have test and quizzes which I am not a big fan of.
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    The kinds of classes that are in an accredited MPH program like Biostatistics and Epidemiology (which are not being replaced with integrated classes, but which still have to cover the same material) aren't really compatible with paper-based evaluation. They need to ensure that you can do the math when called upon.
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    Sorry, that should say "now being replaced with"
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    Given the global attention on public health and epidemiology, are there any trends towards free MPH offerings anywhere?
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