Most U.S. trained professors are from a few elite universities

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    As I said, not nearly all Masters must have Master's degrees - e.g. Master Sergeants - only about 9% have Master's degrees.

    Back in the 80s you could be a Grand Master (e.g. Flash or Melle Mel) with no degrees, just a couple of turntables and a mike. :) You can still be one - but now you have to be really good at chess. least 50% of the,include the player's own federation

    Credential inflation has struck in the chess world. There are now Super Grandmasters, referred to in the link. :( I hope that's nothing like a WIDU "Grand PhD." :rolleyes:
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    When the International Frisbee Association was a thing, I held a Master rating. Above Expert, below Grand Master.
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    "The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner... now I am the master."
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    Thanks, dad. Oh, wait, wrong Jedi. They all look alike in those robes....
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