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  1. Rich Douglas

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    Yes, they list the courses, but do not apply them to the degree. But most (all?) institutions will want the original transcript from the original school--not accepting Excelsior's second-hand evidence.

    Did they? I thought you said they didn't apply the credits towards a degree. If that's the case, I'm not sure how you can conclude they "accepted" them when they did just the opposite.

    Note: CCAF transcripts all carry 4 hours for basic training under "physical education." These were not acceptable towards a Regents (Excelsior's predecessor) degree--they didn't accept phys ed credits. Yet they listed them. How can that constitute "accepting" them?

    As for counting towards meeting a 15- or 18-credit requirement, simply being listed on an Excelsior transcript probably isn't going to cut it. The school will apply its own standards regarding TRACS accreditation. Excelsior's listing of the credits is hardly an evaluation that they are RA-equivalent--mainly because they're not, but also because, remember, Excelsior didn't apply them towards a degree.

    This is all a big, illogical stretch. The gaining institution will make its own decision regarding the acceptability of credits from a TRACS-accredited school, and will do so on the basis of a transcript from that school, not from Excelsior. (You can find exceptions to anything, but you would be hard-pressed to go this route.)
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    You bring up a good point since I am not currently using the coursework towards a second degree at Excelsior College. The service is a credit banking service that posts the coursework, "below the line." The "line" is coursework taken after graduation and considered "non-applicable" coursework for the previous degree posted not necessarily future degree pursuits. Since I have no intention of earning another degree from Excelsior College, it has yet to be seen if one can apply that coursework towards another Excelsior college degree. My guess is that it has the potential to count towards meeting a number of requirements for a second degree. The recency of credit, free electives, upper-level credit requirements, etc. Posting the coursework on an official transcript is much more than a continuing education record!
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  3. Alpine

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    Very likely, but I'm only out $25!
  4. Alpine

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    This is not a good example because last I checked, none of the degree programs at Excelsior College required physical education! Today they count as free electives. Unlike many schools that require a few courses in PE to graduate, Excelsior College does not.

    Physical Education Courses - Excelsior College

    "Excelsior College will accept toward our degree programs up to 2 semester hours of credit from college-level physical education activity courses."
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  5. Rich Douglas

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    This is a change from times past, when Excelsior accepted zero PE credits.
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    How many credits one may transfer into a graduate degree is something I've wondered about. My highest degree is the Master of Laws from DEAC accredited Taft Law. Their catalog limited transfer credits to nine of a 24 credit program. I have no idea whether this is the industry standard. I think most J.D. programs will take from one third to one half of the total degree requirements in transfer credits.
  7. Rich Douglas

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    6-12 semester hours is normal. There are examples beyond this range, naturally.

    And then there's what they don't print: that these things can be negotiated. For example, of the 16 courses required for my MBA, I took 8 of them at other institutions besides the one who awarded my degree.

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