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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by RFValve, Aug 8, 2001.

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    quite incredible.

    i have read a number of dissertations like this and every one has been written by a foreign national, most with names that are of arab or indian origin. this leads me to a question. do foreign, non-U.S., programs not have the same sort of in depth dissertation requirements as do the U.S. programs? or maybe it is just that these ripoff schools just cater to the unknowing foreign crowd?

    nearly everytime a short article, called a dissertation, has been presented on this board for laughs/scrutiny, it has been written by someone from some third world country. do these schools have sales people who are out and about defrauding unsuspecting, or ignorant, third wolders?

    do these schools advertise extremely hard in the middle east? has someone been to the middle east who could tell me whether this is the case or not?


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    I think this wonderful paper is far very far of being an article; or perhaps it could pass for a high school homework. But the problem here is that people from third world countries are getting bogus degrees to deceive people from their own country, US education is highly valuable in third world countries since only rich people can afford it, plus few people may see the difference between the Trinity College & University of South Dakota and the one in Texas.
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    Surely you aren't implying that anyone on this NG would laugh at a Ph.D. dissertation comprised of only 4334 words (such as the one in the original post), are you? I am sure these people work very hard to earn the degree:

    1. Using the word processor to write 4334 words probably took at least several hours.
    2. The time involved in mailing it to T C&U.
    3. The cost of the degree, postage, etc.
    4. The turn-around time probably took at least 3-4 weeks.
    5. The frame in which to proudly hang the diploma cost at least $29.00.
    6. The boost to one's self-esteem/ego as one proudly displays the credential to family, friends, and most of all--Momma.
    7. The privilege of having to re-write one's resume every two weeks, just to give the correct location of one's alma mater.

    Who's laughing? [​IMG]

  5. RFValve

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    Not even, it looks like a copy from an introductory book of MIS, so the copy and paste should have taken about one minute.
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    More Trinity Doctors!!!!

    This Dr from India is listing his degrees from Trinity C&U, The worst is that the dates of the degrees are before Trinity C&U started in business. Any more Doctors of Trinity? I've been hunting for trinity degrees since I'm curious to know how far can you go with a bogus degree.
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    Now this is indeed an interesting concept--Doctor of Trinity! What if TCU offered a Doctor of Trinity [T.D.] degree, which would designate the degree as being from TCU. This would bring clarity to the Trinity debate in the following areas:

    1. Trinity would be an innovator in developing a new doctoral program.
    2. Trinity grads could wear the letters (T.D.) with pride, knowing that no one else in the world had such a designation.
    3. This would alleviate all confusion as to TCU Ph.D.'s.

    I like the idea, RFValve. Almost makes me want to enroll in one of them there T.D. programs myself, because I just learned how to "Cut & Paste." [​IMG]

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    Excellent suggestions Russell, but I must offer a small correction. The Doctor’s of Trinity (and perhaps it should also refer to all doctoral degrees issued by TCU) are known as the D.T’s. This is in recognition that others may have had similar delusional life experiences that would qualify for credit and merit granting them the degree. [​IMG]

    Gus Sainz
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    I'm certainly not a fan of TC&U, but the way I read it, the writer used a TC&U "dissertation" as a source for the paper. The only reference I see to TC&U is in the bibliography.

  10. RFValve

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    This is the link that confirms that this is his "dissertataion" (may T C&U new concept).

    "Dr. Faruk Hosain, a Trinity graduate, has posted his doctoral dissertation of 4224 words on the Internet. Hosain says he was required to submit 29 similar papers to earn his Ph.D. from Trinity College & University. After communicating with Hosain, I am convinced that he is a sincere person. Therefore, all I'm going to say is: Go to a few accredited universities and look at their doctoral dissertations, keeping in mind that their students normally write an extensively researched paper or do a demonstration project for every class leading up to the dissertation. Then draw your own conclusions. "
  11. RFValve

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    If you notice the link to his dissertation is dead, I guess he received a lot of congratulations for his wonderful contribution so he decided to removed it from the web.
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    Actually, I did consider the designation of D.T., Gus. However, I did not want to give any former and recovering alcoholics the false hope of getting life experience credit for DT's. As you know, and sadly I might add, there are more than a few who would qualify for a Ph.D. on life experience alone.

  14. Gus Sainz

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    I agree with you, Russell. But isn’t that precisely the point you and I were trying to make (albeit in jest)? False hope is TCU’s stock in trade; that is all they and their ilk have to offer anyone.

    Gus Sainz
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    Indeed, Gus! I am absolutely amazed at the gullibility of some people. Northwestern International University, Ltd., and American College are two others in the group you have referred to as "ilk." American College offers the Ph.D. for $199, and even advertises the fact in USA Today. It is beyond my comprehension that anyone, with enough intelligence to graduate from high school, could believe such offers are legitimate. Perhaps TCU, NIU, AC and their "ilk" should start offering the DG degree, i.e., Doctor of Gullibility. There are many who qualify on life experience alone. [​IMG]

  16. RFValve

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    It is time to invest in TC&U stocks! They seem to be doing very good; they have opened a branch in South America!!
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    It has been suggested by several on this BB (including myself) that one would be better off printing a diploma at home rather than sending $200. to a mill. However, some people may want the standby excuse that they "didn't know" it was a mill, in case they are caught. It seemed to be a popular explanation among the Good Morning America crowd.
  18. Chip

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    Of course, anyone printing their own could always use the standby excuse of "Well, they were definitely in business when I did my degree there. I have no idea where they are now. Maybe they went out of business."

    Not that I'm advocating it, only pointing out that folks inclined to scam will probably figure out a great story to justify themselves.
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    Isn't this what Trinity grads are saying right now when their resume states TCU in South Dakota? "Well, they were there when I submitted my check three months ago. They must have relocated their P.O. Box!" [​IMG]

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    To Bermudas, Spain, South America, even I found a Trinity C&U in greece,denmark,US and UK.
    TC&U is like Elvis, it is seen everywhere, I wonder if they have franchised the name, are all these trinities from the same owner? Are they part of a conspiration to invade the world with phony degrees?

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