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    @Mac Juli Yes - but on looking, I think Vicki is right.

    (1) Yes, they say college credits at "coursenvy" page on Fresno Pacific site

    "NOTE: Students must register for the modMBA course through @Coursenvy (see the link above) PRIOR TO registering for college credit through Fresno Pacific University."

    That's the only place. The Coursenvy page hosted by Fresno Pacific on their site. I've tried to make sense of this. And looking at it, I think Vicki is right - and Coursenvy got this wrong. In the Fresno Pacific blurb somewhere, just now I did see "units" instead of "credits" mentioned by Fresno Pacific/ - and wording something like "be sure theses courses meet the requirements of your association, etc." Yep - Score one for Vicki . This would appear to be, as she said, CPE for Teachers. My bad.

    I don't think Coursenvy had any intent to deceive. I think they just plain got it wrong. Their host is a University, after all. College credit was an easy assumption to make. And easy for me to make too. Sorry.
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    The Fresno link is to their continuing education division. And the link is under “educator workshops”. The description talks about using the concepts in your classroom or entrepreneurship club. Those were the clues for me. They do seem to offer some sort of partnership where there’s ways to earn college credits. But it’s still geared toward educators/school districts. I don’t think average folks can sign up and get cheap credit to transfer to an MBA or anything like that.
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    Well, I did not check that, but I think you are right. I guess I need to admit that the joy of sharing that was greater than my desire to double-check everything. Thanks for doing it!!

    Best regards,
    Mac Juli

    ...and for that reason, I won't do doctorate degrees ever... :)
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    Never say "never." You're smart, motivated, and continually learning. For all I know, you might do three! Get the Uni to assign you a couple of grad students as assistants, to do the routine checking. Save your mighty brain cells for the REAL thinking. :)
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    I think these are an in between thing. College credits that are not applicable to a degree. They're useful to teachers, because some of them get paid more for having additional credits without having an additional degree.
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    I think they're not degree credits at all - just straight CEU's and the writers (or AI) just got it wrong. No fault of the University - except not checking, maybe. And yes - they're for teachers - those who must have a certain amount of continuing ed. every year or two to maintain their teaching certificates. @Vicki definitely established that for us. I don't think they're regular degree credits at all. I know of no type of University credits that can't be applied to a degree - especially where they were awarded.

    If anyone does - has encountered academic credits - that the awarding University won't recognize for any degree credit - I'd like to know. It's like a store not accepting its own gift certificates, or paying a contest prize in counterfeit money. Irrational. I'm not normally litigious - I was in my working life, but those days are past. However, if I were awarded "no-credit credits" -- yes, I'd sue. Pronto.
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