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Discussion in 'Military-related education topics' started by tcnixon, Feb 7, 2002.

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    I'm not sure if this has been posted here before, but the American Council on Education (ACE) has just come up with a new online catalog which gives the course credit recommendations for military coursework. The "Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services" is online at:

    Tom Nixon
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    Thanks Tom.
    People who have been out of the military for a few years may not find their older program in the new Guide. Older military coursework, programs, and ratings with ACE recommendations may be found in older Guides, which you will find at some college guidance offices.
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    Very interesting Tom, thanks. It figures that ACE didn't get around to assigning credit recommendations to any of the military training I received until it was much too late to be of any use to me.

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    Actually, they have an extensive list of courses, dating back decades in the online guide.
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    If anyone can find a good link to this (the original one is broken), I'll give it a sticky.
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    That will most certainly do, and I see that one of my colleagues has already given it a sticky.

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    The updated link no longer works.
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    wow that,s really great in young age I mean in primary and secondary education youngs mind will be enlighten at a very young age.
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    Interesting, no link to my rate in the navy. I remember getting 90 credits for my training due to ACE back in the day...
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    You might be able to pull up your old military training, I am not sure how far back it goes. They have combined all the training from all services here. The transcript has the current ACE recommendations on the transcript.

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