MIGS Operating Illegally in Texas

Discussion in 'The Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies' started by Gus Sainz, Oct 31, 2001.

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    In any event Steve, for all the humor and entertainment this has brought to me, you're free to swipe any line of mine, any time!

  2. Bill Huffman

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    So I had always (incorrectly) assumed that a petard was a pole arm or sword that when used incorrectly the wielder could stab himself. It sounds like the literal story behind this saying is more interesting since it is an explosive charge. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks.
  3. Jack Tracey

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    I believe that I can help with this one...
    "'Tis the sport to have the enginer
    hoist with his own petard."
    Wm. Shakespeare, Hamlet act 3 scene 4
    "enginer" means a maker of military devices
    "hoist" means blown up
    "petard" means a bomb
    for an enginer to be hoist by his own petard
    is similar to the saying, "He who lives by
    the sword, dies by the sword." (especially if
    you made the sword yourself).
  4. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Jack, thanks for the well presented and clear facts. To tell the truth though I was hoping for a more amusing story.

    I mean look at the situation that MIGS got themselves into. Everytime I've heard this phrase used it has been used to describe a far more amusing story than what is the apparent truth of the story behind "hoist by his own petard". Can anyone provide one? (Even if it's not the truth?) Or perhaps our modern day suicide bombers have just taken all the fun out of the story?
  5. bgossett

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    The explanation I read stated that the petard was an explosive device for breaching gates or stout doors, and that it had an unfortunate tendency toward instability. Hoist referred to lifting, as happened when the petard went off unexpectedly, lifting or hoisting the crew skyward.

    Bill Gossett
  6. PSalmon

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  7. Dan Snelson

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    From this site...
    "Another device which proved of some value was the petard, French for "little fart". The petard was essentially a big, heavy gauge metal pot filled with powder"

    So whould that make Enrique a little fart?

    An More Importantly..How can Steve walk around without an ass, since He MUST have laughed it off by now.

    Dan with more questions than answers. [​IMG]
  8. Rich Douglas

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    To move things back on topic, I offer this quote from the CEU Rector's welcoming letter on degree.com:

    "Strategies were developed that will nor only assist the Center of University Studies Graduate College in attaining self-sufficiency but will also provide the keystone upon which to build future collaboration. Hence, the program is a blueprint for developing and maintaining long-term global partnerships well into the new millennium."

    "Self-sufficiency"? Could it be that MIGS was never really a part of the CEU? I'm not talking ownership, which we all know, but in terms of operation and supervision. Could it be that the goal was for MIGS to be free-standing, awarding its own degrees instead of the CEU's? (I guess the CEU's "blessing" would come with each one, like Trinity/Liverpool.

    It is well documented that MIGS charged ahead with no involvement of the CEU, and without any authority from the state of Florida. So in the U.S., MIGS would be a "branch" of the CEU while in Mexico, the CEU would only approve the degrees earned via MIGS.

    I left MIGS in large part because I had no confidence anymore that the situation in Mexico with the CEU was correctly arranged. It looked to me like MIGS graduates were going to get a diploma and transcript from Fort Lauderdale, signed by Arias and Forman. Even if the CEU issued them, it appeared they would do so without proper authority. The degrees earned through MIGS would not be properly recognized. Well, disguising the location of the school and evading the scrutiny of educational officials in two states, along with the Stalin-like purge of Arias' image and letter from the MIGS website, do nothing but bolster that notion.

    Rich Douglas
  9. Gus Sainz

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    It was precisely that quote from the CEU Rector's welcoming letter on degree.com (among other things) that led me to state earlier in May of this year:

    Although it appears that the original intent was for MIGS to be an independent entity granting their own degrees piggybacking on the CEU’s legitimacy, that turned out to be easier said than done.

    I still believe that is their business model (it certainly is the legal reality) to this day. None of the parties involved (MIGS, CEU, the owners, etc.) have any desire to modify it, except, of course, very superficially, and that, solely for the sake of appearance in order to attempt to circumvent legal requirements.

    Gus Sainz
  10. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    MIGS played this both ways. The upfront advertising was about earning a degree from the CEU via study with MIGS. But everything--from advertising to administration to academics--was not only done from Florida, but was done without the involvement of the CEU. In fact, when I tried to have one of the CEU's faculty serve on my doctoral committee, Bruce Forman refused. He also refused to say why, only alluding to some things that still needed to be worked out between the CEU and MIGS. I guess so!

    Maybe the CEU will issue the degrees and transcripts. And maybe their listing in both the IHU and PIER will be enough to convince potential employers that the degree holders' have legitimately issued degrees from a school approved to do so. But it's all smoke-and-mirrors, covering for the fact that this is an illegal school located in Florida and being pursued by authorities in that state as well as Texas. It makes Empresarial look like Harvard.

    Recently, someone sent me an e-mail asking if MIGS was another Villareal. (The Peruvian university where it appears one of their faculty or staff was selling the university's degrees without the university knowing it....maybe.) I said no, that it appeared that, unlike Villareal, the CEU was directly involved setting up the MIGS deal (if not directly supervising the operation). Now I wonder if this was all a sham, with the CEU selling the use of its name to MIGS. MIGS issues the degrees from Florida and the Mexican authorities don't care. (Of course, the Nuevo Leon Secretary of Education is a party to the MIGS deal....hmmmm.)

    I don't have any new information, nor will I likely get it. But I find myself drawing entirely new conclusions.

    Rich Douglas
  11. John Bear

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    Why am I reminded of the saying, common in Hawaii when we lived there, that doing business in Hawaii was like doing business in Mexico, but without the sense of urgency or the level of honesty.

    (Before Hawaiian members rise up in ... well, whatever they rise up in ... I refer you to "Land and Power in Hawaii," the amazingly honest book published by the U of Hawaii Press.)

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