MIGS no longer "Fully Accredited"

Discussion in 'The Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies' started by Chip, Jul 4, 2001.

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    As was pointed out on another thread, Florida officials are extremely upset with MIGS for continuing to solicit students and operate from Florida despite lack of licensure.

    Rich Douglas attempted to get MIGS to take action after he spoke with Florida authorities... but apparently soon after the transgressions were reported on degreeinfo, the information was quickly updated. MIGS now operates out of .... Monterrey!

    And I just noticed that the front page of the degree.com website now proudly announces that MIGS is a "fully recognized university" -- which, I believe, puts them in the same honorable company of other fine institutions such as Trinity and Capitol.

    Not to mention the sudden uprooting of their Florida location in favor of Mexico. Gosh, I wonder how their administrative staff is dealing with the new surroundings? Not!
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    Gee, I wish they were half as responsive when I was trying to point out stuff like this.

    Obviously, MIGS still operates from Florida. But the state didn't say they couldn't have their office in Florida; they just insisted MIGS not use Florida contact information. It seems MIGS has complied with at least that. But wait, there's more...!

    The state also requires that MIGS not conduct any promotional, academic, or recruitment activities in Florida until the state approves MIGS to operate in Florida. But the phone still rings in Ft. Lauderdale. The website still attempts to attract students. MIGS has students enrolled in their programs (there is minimal traffic on their website's lounges to support this, not to mention Peter French), there is an application form and process on the website, etc. Except for changing the mailing address to Mexico (and, I'm certain, having their mail forwarded to Ft. Lauderdale), nothing has changed.

    Rich Douglas

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