MIGS/CEU degrees called "fraudulent or substandard"

Discussion in 'The Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies' started by Chip, Jan 5, 2002.

  1. Chip

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    According to the Dallas Morning News (link posted in another thread in this topic area), Texas authorities have labeled MIGS degrees "fraudulent or substandard" and said that the center's website contained misleading statements about accreditation.

    This of course will come as no surprise to regular readers of this forum or folks who were reading a.e.d. some time ago.

    According to the same article, Enrique Serna, legal counsel to MIGS and also one of its board members stated in response
    "We're looking pretty good." How he comes up with such brilliant commentary, I have no idea. Perhaps he has a Ph.D. from MIGS/CEU

    Equally intriguing, the Dallas authorities apparently attempted to call the office in Florida from which MIGS/CEU is operated... though Florida officials have prohibited MIGS/CEU from operating any offices in FL.

    Sheila swears there is no office in FL, even though the MIGS/CEU phone, supposedly in Mexico, is actually answered in FL in Sheila's office. So if there is no FL office, what was the FL number that the Dallas Morning News was trying to call, and where did they get the number?

    Probably from Enrique, who is hoping to continue the trend of having them "looking pretty good."

    The other interesting gem I'd never heard before is that the CEU degrees are "issued in the language in which studies are done." I believe this is a code word for saying that MIGS is actually printing it's own diplomas... and how credible can it be to have a diploma in English issued by a Mexican school, where the country's official language is Spanish?

    This makes no sense whatsoever. But neither does anything else Sheila has done.
  2. John Bear

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    Chip writes: "This makes no sense whatsoever. But neither does anything else Sheila has done."

    Oh, Chip, you're so unfair. Her on-line macarena lessons are actually quite good. (http://www.danzig.com/macarena/)
  3. Guest

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    When you log on to www.danzig.com and scroll to the bottom of the page, there is a wonderful little image of Sheila. She looks so sweet and innocent, actually like the average American housewife. [​IMG]

  4. Bill Highsmith

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    Russell, don't be a Sheila! (Have you heard the phrase, "don't be a Cassandra?" I'm trying to coin a new phrase, but I don't really have a meaning for it, yet. Any ideas?)
  5. Guest

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    Just apply all those neat principles you learned in Research Methodology class. I'm sure that you will find a meaning which will make a contribution to the current body of knowledge in the given discipline. This should earn you a MIGS Ph.D. :D

  6. Peter E. Tucker

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    Bill wrote:

    Sorry to be so late responding here, but I've only just reads this thread. Yes, and it is definately off topic (but I didn't start it!).

    I'm afraid, Bill, that the phrase "don't be a Sheila" has already been coined. You'll have to find your own.

    "Sheila" is an Australian slang expression for a female, or for a bloke behaving like a female. Examples are:

    "Look at that Sheila over there; she'd put a horn on a bandicoot!"

    (Translation: Look at that attractive young lady; she could even sexually arouse a small Australian marsupial.")


    "Bloody hell, Bruce, you smell like an old Sheila in that aftershave!"

    No translation required, and so on.

    Hope this helps bridge the cultural divide. There are traps everywhere in language. "Randy" is a very common name in America. In Australia and other British commonwealth countries, to be "randy" means to be very horny (pardon the expression). There are literally millions of people who can't help snickering everytime we hear the name on American-sourced TV!
  7. Bruce

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    Hey....I don't even wear aftershave anymore (it aggravates the babies)! :D

    Unfortunately, "Danzig" is also taken, being the name of a rather obnoxious heavy-metal band from the 1980's.

  8. Peter E. Tucker

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    Well, it is very nice to hear from Bruce. In fact, by the powers invested in me, I hereby declare Bruce an "Honorary Australian" for the life of this thread (which may not be very long).

    "Bruce" is considered by some to be the quintessential Australian name!

    According to Monty Python, for one. I think there are enough devotees in the US of this late 60's early 70's British TV comedy show. John Cleese, I understand, has something of a cult following in the land of the family sit-com. If you ever get the chance and you are not easily offended, have a listen (LP's are available or a look at the "Bruces Philosophers' song" sketch and you'll witness a very prolific (and profane) dialogue where everyone is named "Bruce", and a truly funny drinking song. Once heard, you will never think of well known philosphers in the same light again.

    A Monty Python site:


    An Australian slang site.

  9. Bill Highsmith

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    There is no finer expression of comedy than Faulty Towers.
  10. Bill Highsmith

    Bill Highsmith New Member

    There is no finer expression of an ironic mistake: Fawlty Towers, of course.

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