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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by TeacherBelgium, Nov 21, 2020.

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    I can't find any information since this school seems to be recent.

    MCA business and postgraduate school is a partner school of ENEB and of Humboldt university.

    If you graduate with ENEB you can apply for a validation from MCA.

    I have looked on their website and they seem to be non-regionally and non-nationally accredited. I think they are state-authorized only.

    They have partnerships with Italian universities from what I can see.

    Can someone from the US have a look at it and tell me their opinion about it?

    mcabschool[dot]com is their website
  2. Thorne

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    It's probably more useful than an ENEB degree but not nearly as useful as ENEB's other partner degree, only because ENEB conjures images of groupon coupons, lol

    I haven't seen anything about the validation scheme, but I might apply just for giggles so I can have another 4-6 qualifications lying around, useful or not.
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    Hmm, I looked at it, didn't think much of the website, it doesn't show pricing for the programs. I see their pricing for some individual courses though. With Universidad Isabel I/ENEB partnership, it is sufficient enough for me. I don't think I would bother with this program unless you have something you want from Humboldt International University, like move onto their PhD programs that they have, otherwise, I'd basically skip this as Humboldt seems just an extension of MCABschool, their website looks pretty much the same... BTW, HIU shows they're Pending Accreditation from DEAC!
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    Hi Bryan,
    Do you mean MCA is under consideration for DEAC accreditation or Humboldt?
    What annoys me is that the websites are in Spanish. This is an American school. So why the Spanish you would think...
  5. AsianStew

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    You should close the book on this one. I would stay away from both, far away. Here are the reasons why.
    1) False advertising on both sites. MCA tries to trick you into thinking they have a US partner in HIU.
    2) HIU has a phrase they're Pending Accreditation from DEAC, but I don't even see it in the DEAC site application list.
    3) HIU shows they're internationally accredited by CIAC - Confederation of International Accreditation Commission - That's a fake one from India with a registration address in Delaware!
    4) Last but not least, they're using a dot com website for both, you can see they're just a commercial school that's registered and wanting to get your cash, nothing more than that. Verdict, they're worthless.
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    UPDATE from ENEB concerning MCA Business School. MCA Business School's form on the ENEB website is giving a VBS script error when submitted and the price is not displayed. I contacted ENEB and this is their response.

    Dear Carlton,

    Thank you for your email. We have temporarily stopped our partnership with MCA Business School due to internal reasons. We are however looking to either resolve those problems with their institution, and we are also looking for new partners in the United States that our students may validate their degrees with.

    We remain at your disposal for any further information.

    Kind regards,
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    Finally. It was a terrible move. I guess enough people complained to make them understand what danger they were putting themselves in. They can find a real partner. No reason to hook up with a school with no real standing in the United States.
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