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    FYI... The MCA Business School's validation does allow for those who decide to get it after graduating from one of the Master's programs in ENEB to request a Master Titulo Propio diploma from UCAM which means that the MCA validation diploma is affectively a Master's "own" degree if you decide to go this route. I don't know if MCA Business School validation recipients even knew this but based on the email reply I just received from UCAM, you can receive UCAM's own degree since MCA Business School is one of their partners. I guess it wouldn't be a total waste of money since you actually can get an additional degree without additional coursework awarded from a school with a higher ranking than Isabel I.

    Email from Corporate Partners Unit UCAM:

    Dear Carlton,

    Thank you for your email.

    Indeed we have an agreement with MCA SCHOOL. You can find more information here:

    These programs are not offered by UCAM University, they are 100% offered through our partner institution. UCAM University is only ACCREDITING the program, which means once you finish your program successfully, UCAM will award you with the degree (Título Propio) according to Article 34 of the Organic Law of Spanish Universities 6/2001, December 21st. in the version of the “Organic Law of 4/2007, April 12th.

    For questions regarding the enrollment, program schedule, program content, academic staff, validations, equivalencies, etc…, you should contact with our collaborating partner.

    Best regards,

    UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia
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    I wonder if there if any additional cost
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    I just found out earlier this week that MCA Business School will not allow their validation degrees of ENEB to be validated by UCAM for issuing their own Master's Titulo Propio since the MCA Business School validation diploma is interpreted by them as accrediting ENEB's Master's titles through a US school's state-approved status while Universidad Isabel I already certifies ENEB credits through their Propio status.
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