MBA in 1 year?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by TomICAVols, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. TomICAVols

    TomICAVols New Member

    I'm looking for NA or RA MBA programs that can be completed in around a year. I know that Liberty, Westwood, Ashworth, and a couple of other DETC schools (Southwest and Columbia Southern) are possibilities. Price is a bit of a factor, too. Anyone know of any others?
  2. c.novick

    c.novick New Member

    I went through Northcentral University's MBA program from start to finish in about 13 months.

    They use monthly starting dates for each course. You can start a new class every 1st of the month. They are a bit pricey however at $475 a credit hour.

    I thought it was a very flexible accelerated degree program. They are RA also.
  3. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    The MBA at City University ( can be done in 18 months.
  4. Tireman44

    Tireman44 member

    Isnt American Intercontental University's program less than or equal to a year. At least I thought so. On second review, it is 10 months.
  5. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    Aspen University's MBA program could be completed in 12 months if you took a two or three courses at a time (11 courses plus capstone project plus final examination). If you go the online learner route rather than the independent learner route at Aspen it might take over a year depending on class scheduling over the 5 terms per year. Aspen in NA though - some seem to think NA MBA is lesser than RA MBA and in some situations (academia v. workforce) that belief holds some water - so it may or may not meet your future needs.
  6. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    Ditto for their sister school, Colorado Technical University. But ~ $30K is a bit steep for an online MBA.
  7. clcharle

    clcharle New Member

    I am currently enrolled at Ellis College (NYIT) and by taking 2 classes at a time for 4 months I am pacing 14 months. It is very douable. Since I am a IT professional, I am taking all my MIS classes with the easier classes (marketing for example). Just be careful which classes you take together. For example I am not doubling during the accounting classes....
  8. qvatlanta

    qvatlanta New Member

    I plan on finishing my MBA at Brenau University in 16 months start to finish. If I had had business prerequisites, I could do it in a year. Brenau has 6 terms a year, only requires 30 credits, and if you double up on most of the terms you could almost certainly do it in a year. It costs $383 a credit. Brenau is RA (Southern) and IACBE.

    If you don't have any business undergrad credits, the pace gets off to a slower start. You have to pass a 6-credit, 2-term course called BA 500 (introduction to Statistics, Accounting, Management and Marketing) before taking any other grad courses, which brings the total credit requirement up to 36. I passed BA 500 last month and am currently taking two courses at the same time, one on Finance and the other on Leadership.

    There are only two electives possible in the program, which is the downside to moving so quickly and requiring so few credits. All the core classes are pretty available but the electives are not offered so frequently, so I'm planning to take one at Bellevue and transfer it in.
  9. novemberdude

    novemberdude New Member

    Generally are you happy with Brenau? What is the method of assessment? Thanks.

  10. Rivers

    Rivers New Member

    Grand Canyon University is $360 per credit(RA and ACBSP). They have eight week terms which makes it possible to do their MBA in 12-14 months if you take 2 classes at a time.
  11. qvatlanta

    qvatlanta New Member

    So far I'm pretty happy. One big advantage is that it's a small university, so dealing with the administration is quick and easy. I can always pick up the phone or email and someone gets right back to me.

    Assessment so far has been a real mix of timed multiple choice tests, written case studies, essay tests, problems (in my Statistics course especially), book and website reviews and some group work, although the group work is generally less than 5% of any final grade. There's also a lot of discussion on the message boards and the policies on message board discussions are pretty strict... one teacher demands a certain wordcount on every posting and another promised to give negative points for so-called "attaboy" posts. There's a requirement for all online students that you have to log into your class 5 out of 7 days. You can still get almost all of the work done on the weekends as long as you just peek in now and then.

    There were three teachers for the BA500 6-credit course. Two of them were good but the marketing prof was one of the worst teachers I have ever had. He didn't even care enough to check his spelling when he posted and had ludicrous errors all over his posts. The two teachers I have now (in my core courses that I'm halfway through) are good and very professional. 4 out of 5 isn't bad. There's a good focus on practical knowledge and relating the class to real-life jobs. For example, in the Financial Management course we studied the CAPM model and then also talked about why these elaborate mathematical models often don't really work that well in the real market. I'd say the classes are about what I expected... not Harvard Business School but not UoP either (the idea of being graded solely on group projects is horrifying to me).
  12. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member

    If you're referring to Liberty University, it's a regionally accredited school. Nice campus too, I've been there.
  13. novemberdude

    novemberdude New Member

    Thanks for the feedback, I am going to have to add Brenau to the ever growing list of potential MBA programs.

    And I couldn't agree with you more on the group projects.

  14. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    CCU has an MBA which is DETC. I completed it in 18 months but I could have completed it in 12 months if I would have pushed harder. It cost $6,318 ($162 per credit x 39 credits)
  15. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    Where did you hear the student was graded solely on the group project? I have taken classes at UoP and the group project is part of your grade; not the entire grade.
  16. TomICAVols

    TomICAVols New Member

    Does Grand Canyone require undergrad prereqs?

    Who is CCU?
  17. italiansupernova

    italiansupernova New Member


    "CCU" is California Coast University. (

    They obtained DETC accreditation earlier this year,however, they have been around for over 30 years as a California approved school.

    I know from experience that AIU Online is very liberal when it comes to transfer credits. Yes, it is expensive, but it is only 10 months and you (most likely) won't have to worry too much about prereqs.

    Unrelated to this topic, I grew up near Clear Creek Bible College.. just over the state line in Virginia. I recall going to a few revivals where CCBC students would conduct a sermon or two. They all seem to know Ronnie Owens of Camp Jubilee. He must be an alumni????
  18. beachhoppr

    beachhoppr New Member

    If you do not have an undergrad degree in business, you have to take 4 leveling courses as part of the MBA program.
  19. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

  20. qvatlanta

    qvatlanta New Member

    I'm sorry I can't point out the threads where I got that impression... the search function doesn't seem to be working. I'm sure not all their classes are like that, but I've definitely read complaints about it from people who didn't like all the group work. A lot of it comes down to learning style preference, and my preference is definitely more individual than group.

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