MBA from Amity University Online India ~4200 USD

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    • QS Ranking No.1 in Asia and # 33 Globally, WASC Accredited.
    • We have several coveted global accreditations and recognition to our credit.
    • Personalized mentorship programs are provided by top industry leaders.
    • Portfolio building with real-world industry projects.
    • Hands-on and immersive learning experience.
    • 100 plus hiring partners.
    • 24/7 student support.
    • Dedicated career services and placement assistance with our Virtual Job Fair.
    • Personalized guidance by student success managers.
    Yes, we are India’s first online university-approved by the Distance Education Board, a bureau of the University Grants Commission. Please check the link for further information-

    I plan to migrate, will this degree will helpful?
    A degree from Amity University Online is not just recognized at a national level, but we also have accreditations by WASC -USA AND QAA-UK. Our Degree is recognized and globally accepted and you will not face any problems in case you wish to relocate.

    They also have many bachelor's and masters available, mostly about $5000 total cost. It seems the cost is cheaper in the INR. Not sure why the USD price list is more expensive. Total cost 4200USD.

  2. nyvrem

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    QS ranking No.1 !?!?


    also y does this sound like an advert.
  3. asianphd

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    Oops, not my intention to advert.

    Btw, I am sending them to email to inquire about those things including qs ranking, etc. Seems strange to me too.
  4. Maniac Craniac

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    I did a little digging on Amity a while back and was impressed with what I found, but for some reason I thought they were much more expensive than that.

    I dare say I have to correct something I recently said in another thread. I think that THIS might actually be the least expensive RA Master's (although Georgia Southwestern is still the least expensive AACSB MBA, as Amity has ACBSP)

    The only downside I can think of to pursuing a degree with Amity is the unfortunate possibility that a school from India, despite accreditation and quality assurance, might be met with skepticism from some of the mire ethnocentric persons in one's home country. I don't expect that to be as much of a problem outside of the western world.
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  5. heirophant

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    I'm a little skeptical about the QS rankings since QS is a university marketing company, seemingly aiming at prospective students from Asia. So there's probably going to be some conflict of interest there.

    But for what it's worth, QS says the top Asian university is the National University of Singapore

    I'm inclined to like the Shanghai rankings better, and their opinion is that the best Asian university is the University of Tokyo.

    From the wording, it reads like much of the text in the OP is quoted from Amity marketing materials. "We are..." and "we have..." referring to the school for instance.

    That being said, Amity is a very interesting thing. Not only is it a legitimate Indian university, not only does it have American regional accreditation from WASC, it also seems to be interested in expanding into the American market and competing there on price. They have purchased, or at least indicated an interest in purchasing, several B&M colleges in the US, including the New England Institute of Art (one of the for-profit schools that the Obama administration drove out of business), a similar art school in NYC, and St. Johns University's Long Island campus.

    For a while at least, they were ostensibly offering a free BA by Mooc. I don't know whether that's still happening.

    There have been several threads about Amity on Degreeinfo. For instance...

  6. SteveFoerster

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    Like all rankings, QS is BS. But I expect that Amity is a good choice for people in huge swaths of the world.
  7. Asymptote

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    How does this school compare to Assam Don Bosco University?
  8. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Makes good sense to me. Charge foreign students more - their fees help keep the price down for domestic students. We do that here in Canada. Many countries do.
    American schools even do it to their own - in-state vs out-of-state pricing.

    South Africa is one of the few places I know that does not do this - I believe it's because the Government pays University same subsidy for a foreign student as for a local. That, a depressed currency (and good schools) makes an unbeatable combo - for foreign students.

    In India - bite the bullet. It's still (as here) usually a good deal compared to home.
  9. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    In what ways? All I can say is both are known good schools. Amity teaches a wider range of degrees. Assam Don Bosco is mostly Business and Tech. An Assam Don Bosco degree is from a known good, 100% properly-credentialed Indian university and should get an RA equivalent evaluation in US. An Amity degree HAS to be good for US use - besides having Indian credentials, It's RA already (WASC). And QAA for UK.

    That's all I know - both are good. Both are inexpensive by our standards. Is that enough?
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  10. heirophant

    heirophant Well-Known Member

    Much larger, hence probably better known. Amity is regionally accredited by an American accreditor (WASC) which might smooth recognition of its degrees in the US. It may or may not make a foreign credential evaluation unnecessary.

    Both of them appear on the UGC's list of universities in India, which I believe only includes the legally recognized ones list of All Universities.pdf

    UGC's "Quality Mandate" requires that "every institution shall get NAAC accreditation with a minimum score of 2.5 by 2022".

    In India, the university accreditor is NAAC (the National Assessment and Accreditation Council).

    Both Amity and Assam Don Bosco are accredited by NAAC.

    In India, NAAC assigns the universities it accredits numerical and letter grades. (I like that.)

    Assam Don Bosco is #18 on the list and earned a 2.56 numerical score and a B+ grade.

    Amity University's Noida main campus is #283 on the list and earned a 3.27 numerical score and an A+ grade.

    I'm not up to speed on DEC/DEB or the never-ending upheaval that's the Indian university and (especially) distance learning regulatory situation. There have been several high profile court cases in India whose decisions have sometimes transformed the Indian DL scene overnight. The regulators seem to constantly be scrambling to adjust. It's very arcane for non-Indian foreigners to try to figure out. So I don't know the authorization status of the DL offerings of these two schools with respect to all that.

    Google Scholar finds quite a few citations of work by people claiming Amity University affiliations. Particularly in the biological sciences it seems.,5&lookup=0

    Assam Don Bosco doesn't perform badly either. The emphasis there seems more towards computer stuff.,5
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  11. msganti

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    Both Amity and Don Bosco (DbuGlobal) are good schools in terms of accreditation and recognition. Both are UGC recognized which means "equivalent to RA".

    Amity has RA with WASC in addition, so this could be a good option for those in the USA or planning to go there for higher studies. However, I am not sure how many foreign students they have and if their support is capable of dealing with foreign student enquiries and demands.
    I remember seeing somewhere that DBUGlobal support was better, but don't have a source for it.
  12. chrisjm18

    chrisjm18 Well-Known Member

    I have only experienced DBU Global, and I can tell you that the support was phenomenal. There are also a lot of students' testimonials on YouTube that are similar to mine. My MBA from DBU is RA equivalent, per ECE.

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