$193/semester MBA from Amity University, India

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  1. zvavda

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    Amity School of Distance Learning offer MBA program by distance at very least price. Just $193/semester. But I don't know how good of this program. Someone from india might be suggest.
  2. beachhoppr

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    I am especially fond of the "sports corner"

    and the server room
  3. Jonathan Whatley

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  4. dl_mba

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    From the above link..

    Meanwhile neither UGC nor AICTE has recognised Amity as a university. Following the Supreme Court banning the mass registration of private universities in Chattisgarh last year, Amity has prevailed upon the ever-obliging Mulayam Singh Yadav government in Uttar Pradesh to register it as a university. Since then it has been business as usual in India’s largest private university. Put that down as another ‘only in India’ case history.
  5. dl_mba

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    Amity - an unaccredited school.


    "A press release signed by Prof R A Yadav, Vice-Chairman AICTE cited several reasons for derecognition. The Expert Committee observed that a "large number of unapproved courses were being conducted in the same premises, utilising the facilities and infrastructure intended for AICTE approved courses, thus diluting the standards of education". "

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