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    I am a fortune 500 senior exec who is seeking an accredited Distance MBA or EMBA that will allow me to participate without having an accredited undergraduate degree. I am seeking a school in Morth America. Please assist.
  2. Rich Douglas

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    You probably won't find one that has a published policy of accepting MBA students who do not have a bachelor's degree. Still, these things can be negotiated. You have a lot of work ahead of you, some of which may including doing a bachelor's degree.

    Rich Douglas, Ph.D. (Candidate)
    Centro de Estudios Universitarios
    Monterrey, NL, Mexico
  3. Bruce

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    I can think of two options offhand, Heriot-Watt University (Royal Charter, GAAP), and United States Open University (candidate for regional accreditation)

    US Open:

  4. Gerstl

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    As Rich said, very few schools will come out and say that they will accept someone without a BA (look at all the nasty comments made about the HW MBA on this basis). Nevertheless many of the better schools will admit executives with substantial high level experience. Your best bet is to call some major schools (or even better, have your admin assistant do it [​IMG] ). I'd suggest you consider some of the exeuctive MBA programs, especially those with which your company had dealt before.
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    You will definitely have more of a chance getting into an executive MBA program than into a traditional program.

    I was able to start (and finish) an Executive MBA program before I finished my undergraduate work, but I was only a few credits shy. Do you have ANY college credits?

    An interesting side note: After I finished my MBA, I decided to go to law school, and none of the law schools at which I was accepted were willing to let me start until I finished my last 6 undergrad credits, even though I now had a masters.

  6. John Bear

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    Dear Mr. Rondeau and others

    The reason there is a "Bending the Rules" chapter in my book "Bears' Guide to the Best MBAs by Distance Learning," is that the rules are indeed often broken, but rarely in a way schools would admit as policy.

    The Heriot-Watt MBA became the largest MBA in America (with students at 72 of the Fortune 100) in large measure because of their formal "no Bachelor's required" policy.

    Four years ago, I did a little research project, in which I wrote a letter to 16 executive MBA programs, lying through my teeth in saying that I (a) was a Fortune 500 exam, with (b) no Bachelor's degree, and (c) a company that was willing to support me through an executive MBA program; was there any hope.

    Of the 16, all but two said yes, there were almost certainly ways of working something out.

    Best wishes in your quest.

    John Bear
  7. Ken

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    I am surprised a fortune 500 senior exec would be so provincial.

  8. speedoflight

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    My boss in my former company held executive positions in Apple and Xerox but he did not even have a bachelor's and probably would never ever want to go for a master's.

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    Were the schools which responded to you regionally accredited?

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    A good source of information about UK DL MBA's can be found at:-

    23 were listed to my query .... many of those will accept mature students or be flexible as to prior qualifications.


    Neil Hynd

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    I am interested in helpful , direct answers to my questions as opposed to needless chit chat. Your surprise is irrelevant and at best based on little info.My corp has guidelines for sponsorship and these guidlines limit my options to North America. Thanks to all who aided me . I have Identified the program that I am interested in.
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    Don Rondeau wrote ...I am interested in helpful , direct answers to my questions as opposed to needless chit chat. Your surprise is irrelevant and at best based on little info...

    Just a tad touchy, aren't we Don?

    1)Your initial post didn't say that your corp RESTRICTED you to North American programs.
    2)Some of us lurk on these fora for years before we post a message. You jumped right in - then complained when you didn't instant satisfaction. Chit chat makes the world go around.
    3)Some of us even look at more than a couple of posts to a news group before we select a program. I looked at 8-10 MBAs, read hundreds of posts on this NG and on AED, read John Bear's book, selected a program, then invested 18 months in the program to receive an excellent MBA.
    4) You are probably a pain in the posterior where you work. What is the employee turnover rate at your company and in your department?

    Have a fairly good day and lighten up a bit!
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  14. John Bear

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    XSpeedoflight asked, re my little research project on acceptance into an executive MBA without having a Bachelor's, if the schools were regionally accredited.

    Yes. I should have mentioned that the 20 I wrote to (4 did not respond) were the top 20 in the USA Today ranking: Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, and so on.
  15. Bill Hurd

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    Don Rondeau wrote ...For future reference leaders sometimes give off the appearance of making hap hazard , rapid decisions when in actuallity we are quite prepared. I simply do not have any tolerance for ego based assumptions . We all have our pet peaves , Mine is people who have the inability to answer questionsdirectly...

    Don, the best to you in your pursuit of an MBA. One tiny suggestion - when you enter the MBA program, make full use of a spelling/grammar checker on everything you post or write. Just for fun, run the above paragraph through a spelling/grammar checker.

    Now, before Chip whacks my typing fingers with a ruler, I will say that this will be the last post I put up on this subject.


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