Masters in History rankings

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  1. Kizmet

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    I've come to think about these ranking systems simply as a decent starting place to look at programs. It's a list of programs, probably incomplete, that you can use as a tool for doing your own research into what will work best for you. It usually will consist of a range of programs/schools that vary in price and in delivery system. The "ranking" doesn't mean much to me and the methodology is often a bit murky, sometimes ill-conceived. In any case, here it is. Lots of familiar names. At least one small mistake . . . they list Harvard but as we know, you can't do the whole degree online at HES. You need to fact check this stuff.
  2. Ted Heiks

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    It seems that the "ranking" is in alphabetical order.
  3. mattbrent

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    Out of these, does anyone have any information on which would allow the greatest flexibility regarding transfer courses? I may end up having to go back and earn an MA in History, and I'm looking to utilize previous coursework if possible. I know APUS allows 15 transfer credits, but I believe the courses have to pretty much match the courses in the program. If there are other programs that allow a more general focus, that might be appealing.

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