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    Well that is the question. I am researching online or hybrid degrees in a social science liberal arts or creative arts program from Ivy League or "almost Ivy" schools with sound name recognition.

    I know of a few in business and social work. I am not interested in any applied field. This is essentially for personal enrichment.

    I am a writer and writing would be another field that I would enjoy.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Jonathan Whatley

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    Writing is an applied field! Some of these below are heavily liberal arts-based, but also applied. :)

    If you could meet relatively strong residency requirements, you might look at what Harvard University does through Harvard Extension School. Its Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) is offered through a liberal arts program with 19 fields of concentration, one chosen per degree, including English, history, government, and history of science, technology, and medicine; and in several separate professional programs, including journalism and museum studies.

    You might look at graduate programs from the Oxford University Division for Continuing Education and from the University of London International Programmes. You might look at the short-residency MA programs from America's first school of journalism in the U.S. at Mizzou, the MS in Professional Writing and others from NYU, and the several master's from the University of Florida. You might look at the Global Master of Arts from the first school of international affairs in the U.S., Fletcher at Tufts, and the MSSc in Social Science from Syracuse.
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    If you are including hybrid programs, I have a another option for you.

    Oxford offers a Masters of Studies In Literature and Arts. MSt in Literature and Arts | Oxford University Department for Continuing Education

    The program is not completely distance learning. You have to go to campus in England for 4 separate 5 day blocks over the course of your studies. It should be doable if you have a decent amount of vacation time.
  7. Kizmet

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    And disposable income. Tuition + fees + travel + accomodations, etc.
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    Any other suggestions? A bit of information. I have my own business and I can travel when I want. My husband is on board. I never worry about money before I undertake any endeavor. I first find out if it's right for me - then I peruse it. Everything generally falls into place. We travel several times a year and that's part of our family budget. While in school any travel that may be required would count as our vacation.

    Any other suggestions?
  9. Jonathan Whatley

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    You might look at low-residency MFAs in writing. The 2013 Poets & Writers MFA Index is on newsstands now in the Sept./Oct. P&W. Here are the ten most applied to by survey respondents from P&W's 2012 Index, available online. I'm in awe of the Optional-Residency MFA from the University of British Columbia. Courses. The faculty are A-list writers in Canada.

    You might look at the MA in Liberal Studies from Skidmore College. You might look at the the MA in Technology and Communication from the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

    You've cast a very wide net topically. You might help us help you with something more specific to go on than "social science liberal arts or creative arts."
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    Jonathan I agree that I have cast a broad net. Perhaps I can refine my interests and expectations in this post.

    I have always wanted to teach at the college level. I was an undergraduate TA at my university. We were permitted to teach four classes per semester. (not courses - individual classes) There were other duties that I also enjoyed. I took five teaching practicum classes as an undergrad. I loved the experience. I am at a time in my life where if I want to do this I had better get going.

    In my region there are many colleges and universities that permit adjunct and associate professors to teach with maters degrees. On the East Coast at least at the two colleges where I did my undergraduate work - PhDs were the norm. (I attended Clark University MA and graduated from Stony Brook University)

    In this area it seems that many colleges have only 50-60% PhD professors. I am not only referencing community colleges.

    I still do not think that getting a position will be a "piece of cake". Part of my reason for wanting an institution of distinction would be to add to the likely hood of employment.

    I am interested in an MA at a local state university. I will get more TA experience there. It is in American Studies.

    The second degree that I would like to peruse in a low distance or hybrid program would either be an MFA in Creative Non Fiction. I have been published in that field. Or another degree.

    American Studies faculty positions are not plentiful. So I want something to back it up.

    I hope that this clarification is of help.

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