Marijuana degree combines science and business at Northern Michigan University

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    North Michigan University (Medicinal Plant Chemistry):

    Full story:
    Marijuana degree combines science, business at Northern Michigan Uni.
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    That article has a misleading title, but you have to do what you have to do for clicks. The program doesn't just cover cannabis; it covers plant-based pharmacology. As your quote says, this is useful to the natural products industry. It's also useful to the pharmaceutical industry since they often use plants in the development of medications.
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    Smoking anything is not really of interest to me (quit all that 40 years ago) but Oaksterdam still has one class I might enjoy: Vegan Cooking Cannabis with Aunt Sandy. Portobello Mushroom Wellington with a red wine reduction & green beans sounds more than OK, as does peanut butter fudge. Unfortunately, you don't get to try them.

    "*Onsite consumption at Oaksterdam University is not permitted by the city of Oakland. This class is purely demonstrational." Downer! :sad:

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    That sucks. No samplers I guess.

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