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    American Military University offers IRLS 660: Seminar in Middle Eastern Politics & Security, IRLS 661: Politics and Security in the Persian Gulf, and MILH 669: The Arab-Israeli Conflict.
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    Welcome....I am new to this forum and this is my first post, it feels great to be a part of a growing internet community.

    I would love to participate with nice tips and tricks I learned in my several years of online experimenting...

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    I've finished my first class at National University's MA in history program. I'm really enjoying the 4-week format. I've had a few washouts in other programs due to changes in family and work situations during a long semester (I came into this program with a collection of 18 assorted graduate history hours). I can usually plan 4-weeks at a time, but the 4 months of a semester is too far ahead to even guess about what might happen.

    I've tried to get the idea of a history master's out of my head for awhile (for all the reasons above) but I can't stay away. After a few years dwelling on the topic I've come to the conclusion that a history graduate degree is a bad idea as a standalone credential, but seems like a good add-on for anyone with a decent resume in some career field. The ability to gather the past details of some event or outcome and then put them into perspective has applications in many fields. This will be my second masters. The first is in criminal justice, which is my career field. I'm not sure if the history degree will open any new doors right now, but it can't hurt either.
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    do you know if this available through distance learning? I know the U of Nottingham does offer some distance learning programs, but not sure about this one.
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    The University of Nottingham offers two routes to the master's degree: coursework plus a 10,000-word thesis (which must be done in residence) or a 20,000-word thesis only (which can be negotiated at a distance).
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    MA, History Education - University of London

    No one seems to have riffed on this unique option.

    The prestigious Institute of Education through University of London's External programme offers the M.A. in History Education (or Citizenship and History Education, depending on courses selected).

    The course of studies requires either 4 or 5 modules, with 3 hour examinations, followed by a 20,000 word dissertation or 10,000 word report, respectively.

    The paucity of course selection (only 6!) and seeming topical overlap appears to be a weakness in this offering. Many or most subjects are comparative and contemporary. However, at least one course looks firmly in the area we Americans call Public History (broader popular themes, less analytical).

    This looks like a British version of the M.Ed. in history one might gain at Columbia or Harvard's Schools of Education. I think cost, convenience, and the thesis (US terms) option make it more attractive.
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  12. What surprises me about the University of London is that it doesn't offer many more post graduate degrees in history. I would have thought that history would have been a popular subject in Britain and there would have been high demand for degrees.
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    History as a field is horribly bloated with candidates. As you're probably already aware, it's not a demand degree so its availability in online climes is low.
  14. It seems to be becoming more popular here in Australia because history is now a priority in secondary schools and there is a shortage of trained teachers in the field. The degree I am studying (Master of History, University of New England) is actually designed for teachers but available to everyone.
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    From the Great State of Nebraska

    Chadron State College now offers an MAEd in History. (Thanks, friartuck!) At $712 per 3-credit course, total tuition for the 36-hour program is $8,544.
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    Surely good career proposition! History is vast to achieve & felt. It teaches us almost everything
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    MA in History

    I just completed my first class at American Military University and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    They are very user friendly and affordable.
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