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    Delta State University (Mississippi)

    Delta State University is now offering a totally online M.Ed. in Elementary Education.

    Both in-state and out-of-state online students pay in-state tuition.
    The tuition is $247 per hour. (30 hrs x $247 = $7,410)
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    From the Great State of New Hampshire

    Franklin Pierce University www.franklinpierce.edu offers the MEd with certification online. At $565/hr., their 39-hr. MEd with Certification in Special Education costs $22,035, their 40-hr. MEd with Certification in Secondary Social Studies and MEd with Certification in Secondary Biology cost $22,600, their 43-hr. MEd with Certification in Secondary English costs $24,295, and their 48-hr. MEd with Certification in Elementary Education costs $27,120. They are accredited by the New England Association.
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    Not sure if this has been mentioned here, but the University of Florida offers M.Ed degrees in Educational Technology and Techer Leadership for School Improvement as well as a degree in Special Education. Not sure about cost.


    The university also offers several D.Ed degrees via distance learning with 2-3 weekend visits to Gainesville or Orlando per semester.
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    From the Great State of Florida was post #22 (page 1). Info about the Educational Technology concentration is new. Cost of the 36-hr. master's program (as of 01-31-2008, assuming I read their website correctly) was $311.60/hr. in-state and $941.79 out-of-state, for total program tuition of $11,217.60 for in-staters and $33,903.44 for out-of-staters.
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    Lamar University (SACS and NCATE accreditation) offers an 18-month electronically delivered Master’s of Education (in administration, teacher leadership, or technology leadership ($4950 thru 12/31/09) program through their public-private partnership between Higher Education Holdings, LLC (assistance with marketing, production, and dissemination) and the Lamar University's College of Education and Human Development.

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    Need help in making a new thread

    My daughter is taking an alternative teacher certification program after her B.A. She is taking graduate teacher education as well but I am focusing on the alternate teacher certification program ABCTE. My question is whether there is some friendly RA university that will give university credits for the teacher practicum that is being taken in the school. We don't mind paying for it or proving that it was done and supervised by good authorities.

    Any suggestions about open minded RA colleges or universities?

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    Western Governors University www.wgu.edu offers master's degrees in education based on competency assessments.
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    The state of Texas does not currently accept the ABCTE program for state certification (e.g., for teaching in public schools); however, there is certainly the possibility for either charter or private school acceptance. RA state supported institutions offering alternative certification in Texas most likely wouldn’t; however RA private universities would probably be more amiable. And as Ted has already pointed out regarding WGU; WGU is accepted by Texas.
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    From the Great State of Illinois

    The American College of Education www.ace.edu offers the MEd Curriculum & Instruction, MEd Curriculum & Instruction with Bilingual Specialization, MEd Curriculum & Instruction with English as a Second Language Specialization, MEd Educational Leadership, and the MEd Educational Technology online. Stated tuition for these 36-hr. programs is $6,950. They are accredited by the North Central Association. (Thanx, Maniac Craniac!)
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    From the Great State of Pennsylvania

    Penn Foster College www.pennfoster.edu now offers the MEd Educational Technology and the MEd Teaching and Learning online. At $265/hr., these 36-hr. programs come to total program tuition of $9,540. They are accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council. (Thanx, BrandeX!)
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    MA, History Education - University of London

    No one seems to have riffed on this unique option.

    The prestigious Institute of Education through University of London's External programme offers the M.A. in History Education (or Citizenship and History Education, depending on course selection).

    The course of studies requires either 4 or 5 modules, with 3 hour examinations, followed by a 20,000 word dissertation or 10,000 word report, respectively.

    The paucity of course selection (only 6!) and seeming topical overlap appears to be a weakness in this offering. Many or most subjects are comparative and contemporary. However, at least one course looks firmly in the area we Americans call Public History (broader popular themes, less analytical).

    This looks like a British version of the M.Ed. in history one might gain at Columbia or Harvard's Schools of Education. I think cost, convenience, and the thesis (US terms) option make it more attractive.
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    Hey, I just noticed my M.Ed. Sticky got re-stuck! Thanks to whoever did that! ;)
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    Is there a PFC link for this, I didn't see it on their website?

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    Deciding on starting a M.Ed program

    Hi All,

    I have been accepted to a M.ED program and I have been racking my brains about the decision. I come did my undergrad in business but I have been teaching adult technology education on and off for the last 8 years. I am not a certified teacher so I cannot teach full time. So I guess I am basically trying to figure out what the M.Ed will do for me.

    The Masters is in Technology Curriculum development with the university of Illinois Urban champagne. I have been doing research but cannot find any alumnus or anything about the program outside the universities website.

    I guess with my background and no certification I am not sure what value the degree can bring. I have been working in the technology field with education but I am not sure if this translate to other areas in the field of business or technology.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    From the Great State of Iowa

    Morningside College Morningside College now offers an online Master of Arts in Teaching. (Thanks, Jonathan Whatley!)
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    If you want to teach in K-12 public schools, you might want to consider a post-bachelorette /alternative certification route prior to completing a MEd program. Check with your state board of education as regards teacher certification and alternative certification requirements /procedures. Even with a MEd, w/o teacher certification full-time employment as a public school teacher is highly unlikely.
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    Oops ... meant post-baccalaureate.:eek:uch:

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