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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by matt, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Are you talking about this seemingly brand new program?


    Is that $127/credit only for Georgia state residents or for everyone?

  2. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    From page 20 of the DPA description:

    Current fees are listed in the Graduate Catalog, available online. Students in the DPA
    program will pay in-state tuition regardless of residency status. In addition students will pay
    the technology fee, but will not be assessed the remaining fees.

    I could not find where it says $127.00 per credit. Anyone?

  3. truckie270

    truckie270 New Member

    It is $127 per credit hour regardless if you are in or out of Georgia. Cumpa, Orgaknight, and myself are all currently enrolled in the program. You have to look in the current edition of the VSU Graduate catalog to get the current tuition numbers.
  4. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    That's darn cheap! I could hardly believe it, but you guys are credible members, so I will! :) Just out of curiousity, can you do the program one class at a time? What is the class structure like?


  5. cumpa

    cumpa New Member

    You could do it one class at a time but it would take you a long time as it's a 54 hour program. So far two per semester seems pretty manageable but it's alot of reading. The program uses WebCT which I really like so far. It's set up on a traditional semester calendar.
  6. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    What are the average number of assignments and tests for a class? Is WebCT easy to use? Do you have to sign in at certain times? Please elaborate. I find this program very interesting.


  7. truckie270

    truckie270 New Member

    WebCT is pretty straightforward and is similar to Blackboard. In each of the first two courses in the program there are weekly discussion questions and three extensive writing assignments per course (assignments vary between papers, book reviews, and examinations). Cumpa hit the nail on the head with the reading - it nevers seems to stop.

    You could theoretically do one course at a time as Cumpa also mentioned, but AFAIK they are only offering the required courses once each in a two year rotation. That may change as other groups enter the program (we are the first class), but you would need to take at least two required courses per term to have any expectation of finishing in a reasonable time.
  8. Mark A. Sykes

    Mark A. Sykes Member

    WONDERFUL idea! You gain not only a handsome wall covering, but instant and unanimous acclaim from others in the academic world. But if you do, be sure you get a copy of "Manage the Damage, a Breyer State University Alumni's Guide to Shifting Focus, Waving Hands and Obscuring Details [subtitled: Why Do You Think We Call it 'BS' U Anyway?]"
  9. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    The UK's University of Leicester has a Centre for Labour Market Studies that offers a Doctor of Social Science in Human Resource Development. It's £11,250, which at today's rates is $22,682.25 -- an absolute steal considering Leicester is considered one of the world's top 200 universities and that it includes all materials.


    Imagine if the U.S. dollar weren't in the gutter! [​IMG]

  10. back2cali

    back2cali New Member

    Actually, it does look very nice in a frame. I am proud of the work involved in obtaining this degree and those around me feel the same and also share in my success.
  11. TEKMAN

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!


    I am curious...do you list your Breyer State University degree in your resume? If so, do the employers ask you about it?

  12. BlueMason

    BlueMason Audaces fortuna juvat

    Please.. let's not get into this discussion again... don't feed the troll.
  13. ELIAS

    ELIAS New Member

    Dpa questions

    So how far are you in the program? What do you think about it so far? Maybe we can talk on a side bar if that is ok with you. I am looking into the DPA program as well when I get done with my graduate work. Have you heard anything about the MPA program at VSU? Thanks again...
  14. drewdarnell

    drewdarnell Member

    That 127 is for instate residents. Out of state residents it is closer to 700. I wish that there was a DPA for around that price!!!!
  15. -kevin-

    -kevin- Resident Redneck

    DPA students pay the in state tuition:

    VSU DPA Handbook

    "Current fees are listed in the Graduate Catalog, available online. Students in the DPA program will pay in-state tuition regardless of residency status. In addition students will pay the technology fee, but will not be assessed the remaining fees."
  16. drewdarnell

    drewdarnell Member

    And sir - you are right. Thanks for the correction.
  17. Jayzee

    Jayzee New Member

    VSU DPA program is very, very good in every sense. The only issue is that since you are looking for a PhD or DBA in Business, DPA won't cut it since DPA does not fall under Valdosta's Business school. That also means that even though Valdosta's Business school is AACSB accredited, but your DPA degree won't be. Thats the only reason why I gave up on the idea of Valdosta's DPA program.
  18. -kevin-

    -kevin- Resident Redneck

    Exactly. The degree is awarded from the Political Science department. So while a bargain it will have its limitations. So Dakota State is looking like a good alternative.
  19. Jayzee

    Jayzee New Member

    Kevin, you are right for the most part. However, Dakota State is NOT AACSB Accredited, which brings us back to square one.
  20. Dave Wagner

    Dave Wagner Active Member

    There is also the possibility that legitimate, off-shore doctorates, earned outside of North America and not regionally accredited, will be perceived as being lower quality for use in North America.

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