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    After 17 pages, finally a definitive post!

    Thanks Dr. Hargis!

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    Luziana spellin'

    I gotta spel correctally whin defindin mah school.

    Not only does LBU have "texbooks, " being only about 15 miles from Texas. But they also have textbooks.

    I also like Shreveport a lot. It has really changed since I left Louisiana. I would very much consider living there.
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    Re: so what's the deal?

    I too am a graduate of LBU and list the degree (in the proper venue) alongside my other degrees (BA, MA, DMin--all of which are RA, the latter two also have ATS accreditation). The degree I earned (PhD in practical theology/pastoral ministry) required substantive coursework and a dissertation. The LBU degree will have less utility than an RA/GAAP degree, however, not everyone needs the latter. LBU grads serve primarily in numerous ministerial/ecclesiastical contexts such as: pastors, missionaries, private Christian school teachers/administrators, parachurch organizations, community chaplaincy, etc...

    Will an LBU degree allow one to teach at RA institutions? Based on the LBU degree alone, probably not, mainly because of accreditation requirements for faculty credentials. However, IMO, many private Christian schools would employ one based on an LBU degree.

    Accredited? No
    Genuine? Yes
    Requires substantive courseword? Yes
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    Shreveport also has the American Rose Gardens (name may be slightly wrong). But you can't get to Shreveport on Amtrak--though you can get to about 237 places in Mississippi. Go figure. Must be Jimmy Clifton's doing.
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    I plead guilty!

    I never liked Louisiana. I lived in New Orleans from ages 3-15. I liked Metarie and that was about it although I was and still am a big Tulane fan. Had I stayed in N.O. I would have gone to college there. Think I will check out their DL program.

    Shreveport was a nasty city when I lived in LA. Of course that was in the '50's and '60's. Guess it has changed by now. Baton Rouge and Westwego were all nasty to me.

    Have visited the state a few times in the past 15 years, a year ago being the last time. Still didn't like it!

    Hurricane season was horrible as well. Of course Mississippi is a big tornado state. And we just had 24+ inches of snow here in Indiana.

    Can't have perfection anywhere I guess, except of course, in the afterlife!
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    FWIIW, Louisiana has the lowest Bar passage rate in the nation; its exam is harder to pass than either New York or California.

    The most famous member of the Louisiana Bar was Huey P. Long, the one American politician that really scared FDR.

    Louisiana also has what I'd guess is the lowest major city in the nation; One of these days, New Orleans will be under about 20 feet of salt water!
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    Ah yes, "The Kingfish." Despite his fanaticism and corruption he did have some decent relatives who entered politics--Russell Long and Gillis Long.

    The "Crescent City" always has problems during hurricane season because of its being below sea level. I think you're right, one of these days it will go under.

    They will eventually run our of sandbags!
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Afterthoughts on this discussion

    I agree with Jimmy. I read volume I and II of Josh McDowell's book "Evidnece that demands a verdict" as collateral reading for an apologetics course for my M.A. from LBU. The information was very interesting and useful. The two volumes have been put together for the "New evidence that demands a verdict".
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    Night Train to New Orleans

    AND, Uncle, you CAN get to the Big Easy on Amtrak!

    "Night time on the City of New Orleans...changin' cars in Memphis, Tennessee...halfway home and we'll be there by mornin'..."

    Funny; last time I checked, the City of New Orleans was doing fine, despite the song!
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    Re: Night Train to New Orleans

    I always wondered if Arlo was really Willie Nelson's son!
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    But the southbound City leaves Memphis a little before 7:00 am. Not exactly"night time"; it gets into NOL in the early evening, so we WON'T "be there by mornin" either.

    I wonder if they changed the schedule?
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    Bill - I believe that laughing at someone (his or her actions, attitudes, beliefs or whatever) can be compared to judge the. But then again I am nobody to tell you how to live your life. I respect your desire to not discuss your faith. I just hope you understand that I am just looking for some guidance, not to unmask religions or anythin like that. I read Dr. Gastrich's website. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Jimmy - Thanks for the book link. I will buy it. It seems really interesting.
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    Greetings, I am new to this forum....acutally it's my first. I was interested in everyones input about LBU. I am a graduate with them when they offered a business degree. I wasn't really educated in the science of accreditation at the time. I spoke to Dr. Weaver prior to matriculating into the school. He was very informative and obliging. My department/city human resources paid for my tuition, because on their face LBU stated they were accredited...which was a deep as my HR department looked.

    I had over 118 credit hours, all from RA schools, so I have something to compare it to. I really didn't see anything different, except the costs. Ohio University offered a DL math course I took which was in print form. It emulated LBU's almost exactly.

    I am more interested in Bible studies at this point becaue I believe God is calling me to the ministry. I have decided to go to a school that has "candidacy status" for RA. I am sure by the time I complete the program they will have secured full status.

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