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  1. Lukeness

    Lukeness Member

    Here's another beaut... not.
    Won't post the link and give them more traffic.
    Lorenz University

    Degree Package Price
    Get your degree based on experience
    Get your degree by taking the test
    Free Shipment

    High School Diploma $249
    Associate Degree $349
    Bachelor's Degree $449
    Master's Degree $479
    Doctorate Degree $549
  2. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    The website is identical to the equally phony "Belford University."

    Here's something rather amusing. The "welcome" message says,

    "Hello and welcome to Lorenz University! I am Dr. Melville P. Crowe, President of Lorenz University."

    And that very message is signed, "Bernard Solis, President, Lorenz University."
  3. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    Now that this stupid mistake has been spotted, anyone want to take a guess about how long it will take them to correct it?
  4. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    I thought I'd try their 24/7 live chat service. Here is where we got to, before my pal Dave went silent:
    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with 'Dave McCoy'

    Dave McCoy: hi there

    you: Hi, DaveI'm a bit confused. The letter from your president says his name is Dr. Melville Crowe. So why is that letter signed "Bernard Solis"?

    Dave McCoy: hmm thats strange

    Dave McCoy: who's melville P Crowe

    you: He's the President of your University, according to your website. I just Googled "Melville Crowe" and he turns out to be the President of Belford University, whose website is almost identical to yours. This sounds really fishy to me.

    Dave McCoy: im sorry ma'am

    Dave McCoy: this is lorenz university

    Dave McCoy: we are not affiliated with Belford

    you: And what is the name of your President?

    Dave McCoy: bernard solis

    you: Thank you. There was a pitcher of that name on the San Antonio Gunslingers. Your website is exactly identical, word for word, to Belford. Have they copied yours? Anyway . . . where are you located?

    (15 minutes pass)
    you: Hello? Hello? Are you there, Dave?

    (20 more minutes pass)
    you: I've got my credit card out, Dave. I'm ready to sign up, as soon as you answer my question.
  5. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    I would consider any school whose website prompts you to "order" :rolleyes: your degree from them as Grimy League.
  6. jackrussell

    jackrussell Member

    Their accreditation bodies are so renowned that I had never heard of them before. But quite a bargain isn't it? Doctorate Degree $549! Any discounts for bulk purchases? Or can I have a Doctor of Letters for an additional fee? :)
  7. ThomaTech

    ThomaTech New Member

    That's entertainment. That's about all that this place is good for, but for whom? Nice observation on the president's name. It appears that their "accreditation organizations" shares the same domain IP addresses as the lorenzuniversity.net and .org (ref webboar.com). Didn't make the link yet with Belford, but will look into it.

    I decided to check this place out as I hire EE candidates, and lately, there are more applicants using phony credentials. I called and I put in for a BS in computer science. They ask what GPA I wanted! I want to know why there are no laws on the books to shut these places down as it obvious and blatant fraud.

    Part of the process uses a phony "entrance" exam, which is not specific to any particular "degree", as a matter of fact before any "degree" is selected. There are questions that make use of starting sentences with a conjunction, which any good third grader will tell you is not correct.

    Anybody have an address for this place? The only source so far will be to subpoena the billing company and follow the money. Anybody want to join in a class action lawsuit?

    Authorities in Houston may have links to the UAE, which are purportedly producing these phony documents.
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