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    My name is Libby and I'm a psychology student. I was halfway through my B.A when I became really sick, and I'm now disabled and can no longer study at my previous school. I'm looking for online psychology programs, for distance learning programs I can join to complete my studies. Something I can do from home because I'm barely mobile now which is why I want to finish my studies even more than before and be able to continue academically and work as a therapist from home one day. That's since running marathons for a living is no longer an option... :) so I might as well do what I can still do.

    But, the more I search online the more confused I feel. I don't know what's a serious school and what's just an unreliable website. Is there a list of fully accredited, nationally accredited that is, colleges or universities that offer distance learning psychology degrees? Is distance learning always not as good as studying on campus? How can I tell if a school that I find online is fully, nationally accredited and studying at it will enable me to continue to higher degrees and work? Is there a list somewhere? I find a lot of contradictory information online, people recommending one college and in the next comment someone trashes it. It's hard to find reliable information.

    If you can help me I'd be really grateful.
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    Hi Libby - I moved your thread to this forum because it's likely to get more attention here. I believe you'll find that there will be many choices for you. OK guys, let's help a girl out!
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    There are many. Off the top of my head: Liberty, Bellevue, TESC, UMUC.
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    Online Degrees in Psychology - Top Best Online College Rankings | Best Online Colleges | Best Online Universities | GetEducated.com

    Several additional available online programs:

    Washington State: B.S. Psy (new Fall 2012)
    WSU Online Degrees and Certificates

    ASU: B.A. Psy.
    Psychology (BA) | Online Degree Programs | ASU Online

    UMass-Lowell: B.A. Psy.
    Online Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology at UMass Lowell

    Penn State: B.A. Psy
    Penn State | Online Bachelor Degrees in Psychology | Overview

    Columbia College: B.A. Psy

    Drexel: B.S. Psy
    Online Psychology Degrees & Online Psychology Course Programs

    University of North Dakota: B.A. /B.S. Psy
    Psychology (Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science) | Online & Distance Education

    Eastern Kentucky: B.S. Psy
    EKU Online: Psychology (B.S.) | Online Psychology Degree | Eastern Kentucky University

    Mercy College: B.A. /B.S. Psy

    Southern NH: B.A. Psy (Mental Health)
    Online Degree In Psychology | Bachelor of Arts | SNHU

    Southern NH: B.A. Forensic Psy
    Forensic Psychology Online Degree | Bachelor of Arts | SNHU

    Post University: B.A. Psy
    Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree - Post University

    Saint Leo University: B.A. Psy
    Online Psychology Degree | Saint Leo University

    Brescia University: B.A. Psy
    Online Bachelors Degree in Psychology | Brescia University

    Azusa Pacific: B.A. Applied Psy

    Northeastern University: B.S. Psy

    Walden: B.S. Psy
    Online Psychology Degrees | Psychology Degree Online | Online Psychology Courses | Walden University

    Florida Tech: Applied Psy
    Online Psychology Degrees - Regionally Accredited University Online

    California Southern University (DETC): B.A. Psy
    Online Bachelor Degree in Psychology | Bachelors In Psychology Online - California Southern University
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    Just to make sure you aren't confused, regional accreditation is the gold standard. People often think that national accreditation means wider credit acceptance; the opposite is true. If you're worried about prestige, all of the top schools are regionally-accredited, not nationally-accredited. These are the 6 regional accrediting organizations:

    Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
    New England Association of Schools and Colleges
    North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
    Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
    Western Association of Schools and Colleges (Community and Junior Colleges)
    Western Association of Schools and Colleges (Senior Colleges and Universities)

    The most common national accrediting organizations you'll see are DETC, ACCSC, and ACICS. DETC schools are cheap, but their credits and degrees have less acceptance than those of regionally-accredited schools. ACCSC and ACICS schools are way overpriced for what they offer and some of their schools will have a warning that says, "Credits are unlikely to transfer."

    Then, there is programmatic accreditation such as AACSB for business programs and APA for PsyD and PhD programs in psychology, but you don't need to worry about that right now. There are just too many regionally-accredited, online psychology programs to list. If you're overly concerned about cost, that would help slim down the list.
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    Would your disability permit you to get out of the house to do several hundred internship hours?

    I think this is the biggest question. In order to become a therapist, you will have to go through an internship experience.
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    ^ This ^ If you're wanting to be a therapist you will need to log MANY internship hours. It is unavoidable.
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    You forgot the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges.
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    Your disability rights as a grad student- and undergrad too


    Please do not get discouraged by any internship requirements. In an accredited degree program, receiving federal funding for students, they cannot discriminate against disability, and that would include internships required as a part of a degree program. They must make accommodations for whatever you need, from mobility assistance, communication, or whatever, providing or making possible equipment, arrangements, and cooperation and support.

    Furthermore, the internship site, many of which have state and federal funding for community programs, also must accommodate you. Getting out of your house is also something you are entitled to get help with, and there is a slew of funding, programs, and so forth available.

    Your best bet is to talk with the Accessibility Office of graduate programs requring internships and find out how they handle this. All accommodations must be available to distance students as well.

    Good luck to you. I speak as one who can also barely move. This is 2013 now, not 1920,and things are better for students with challenges.
    Many, many scholarships are available as well, specifically for students with major challanges.

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