looking for a master's in marketing (not MBA)

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    I've suddenly been thrown into a marketing role and I don't know a lot about it. I am in my early 50's and I think I will enjoy marketing, but I'm thinking maybe I should get a master's instead of taking random classes online and not having anything to show for it. My employer will pay for a portion. At my age, time is not on my side, so it would have to meet some criteria:

    • Ability to finish quickly, if possible, so shorter semesters would be great.
    • Low cost is best.
    • No GRE/GMAT or recommendations required for admittance (I think both are silly at my age and with my experience)
    • I'm not looking for an MBA, so just a MA or MS in marketing is fine
    • 100% online would be best

    I've been searching the Internet for suitable programs but am not coming up with much other than SNHU. Any advice appreciated. Thanks!
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    I shouldn't be speaking for the OP, and I apologize. My only excuses - I think I know the answer and I haven't much else to do.

    Most MBAs are designed to teach the basics of several business disciplines to people whose undergrad degrees may very well not be in business at all. My guess is that the OP, with many years of work experience, is probably more knowledgeable in some of these disciplines than the average MBA instructor. Who wants to waste time re-learning stuff they already know?

    I apologize for this interruption. Back to your usual program. :smile:

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