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  1. Delicate Genius

    Delicate Genius New Member

    I am considering either doing an LLD now or doing an LLM first then LLD. All by distance.

    I have found a few decent LLM programs and so far I like London but I would like to hear of any other ideas.

    The LLD programs that I have looked at are South Africa and Pretoria. What others are out there?

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. BlueMason

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    Welcome to the forum...

    There are several threads on this very topic already - please use the search feature and you will get a plethora of posts.... it'll save us from re-typing the same thing over and over. If there are questions we can answer once you've read through the existing posts, feel free to ask away then.
  3. Delicate Genius

    Delicate Genius New Member

    I did search. That's how I discovered the programs I mentioned.

    There is a lot out there about getting an ABA LLM to take the bar if you have a non-ABA JD or if a JD is a doctorate but not a lot about programs other than the ones I already know about.
  4. jackrussell

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    From what I know Pretoria isn't really distance learning. Only a small part of its Education courses are, one Bachelor degree and two certifications. For Unisa, you will need a LLM to get in. London seems great for LLM as it is very flexible with a lot of routes and seems to be extremely well established.
  5. novemberdude

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    Are you only interested in programs that are strictly distance learning or would you be open to programs with mixed delivery? If you can go for mixed delivery Osgoode Hall could be very interesting for you, and I think you can get away with only 2 or 3 long weekends in Toronto. As for PhD programs there are a number of schools in the UK that would probably be willing to run with a distance learning student, with minimal or in some cases no residency requirement. Cost would be much, much more than South Africa. University of Leicester is one that offers a PhD, I think they require 2 weeks residency per year. I am quite sure that Northumbria University (I'm a graduate) would go for a distance learning PhD student. Might require a bit of negotiation with a supervisor though.

    Do you have an area of law in which you are particularly interested?

    What do you hope to get out of your legal studies?
  6. -kevin-

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  7. sentinel

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    Osgoode Hall Law School offers a part-time LLM degree via distance education.
  8. William Byrnes

    William Byrnes New Member

    JSD after LLM

    In the case of the LL.M. program at Thomas Jefferson School of Law (my law school), it credits toward the J.S.D. (equivalent of an LL.D. in the UK). Thus, applicants apply for the J.S.D. but via obtaining enough credits, will first earn the LL.M.

    However, the subject matter of the J.S.D. is quite specialized (being tax & financial services) and since the program's original inception in the US in 1998, applications have only been open to professionals with at least five years experience, and this is unlikely to change.

    Thus, if you are considering a general degree, then this one would not really be a good fit.
  9. Dave Wagner

    Dave Wagner Active Member

    What discipline would you like to pursue for the LLM?
  10. naios

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