Life Experience Degrees Suck

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by JohnSiminton, Apr 22, 2010.

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    the only thing that "sucks" is your use of the word "degree." Dude, you don't have a degree, but hopefully you DID get some life experience.
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    I prefer "Onerous Puke"
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    How convenient that this poster has never posted before, lives in Russia and is a single mom, yet has perfect English, found this forum, and posted on it in defense of her "friend." And I didn't realize it until I was cleaning out the moderation queue, but our (now banned) friend John posted the same crap about a dozen times in different threads, most of which were off-topic. All have been deleted.
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    Why start silly schools

    Why do people star silly schools and confer silly degrees. Strange and the concept of "christian degree mills" is a joke not worth laughing at. One should be carefull not to fall prey to any type of Diploma Mills. It can be extremely risky and may cost you a lot . On the other hand if one pursues a legitimate unnaccredited degree then that individual should should have a valid reason.
    2) That individual should have skills equal or more than his/her accredited counterpart, in the chosen Major
    3) Should be able to demonstrate skill level and the knowledge in the chosen field with confidence
    4) Must be continually working in a professional setting
    5) Must be willing to accept the limited utility of the degree if challenged

    However the proof lies in the pudding if an individual can perform well with an unnaccredited degree then nothing matters.

    Unnaccredited degrees is okay in fields such as , Arts , Fine Arts, Music, Creative work, Religion, Speech, Dance Theatre, Communication, Carpentary, Pottery etc.

    It is dangerous to pursue unnaccredited degrees is Law, Medicine , Engineering, etc.
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    Yes, they do.
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    This thread has been incredibly persistent. Every once in a while, a new user bumps it, but then is promptly taken care of. For everyone that is curious, life experience degrees don't suck less now than they did a couple of months ago.
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    A few years ago there was quite a bit of discussion on unaccredited degrees where one guy was insisting that he did "real work" to obtain his degree. As a test, I obtained a Ph.D. in Religion from the church organization that issued his degree. It has an ornate border and a gold seal. They issued it to my BULLDOG.
    They made him an Ordained Minister at the same time.
    In recognition of his educational and spiritual achievements he is rewarded with an extra helping of pepperoni.
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    All you guys do fine work, I have been on other boards where every other post was spam. We have it good here, all the mod's are kicking but, except MC who has been screwing
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    +1 :D (Except for the MC thing, lol.)
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    This thread is like a cockroach...It just won't die!
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    Did you delete my posts?

    and on a side note when do you go back to work? You're going to be going through withdraws when you do!
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    I didn't delete your post on purpose, but when I was deleting that offensive post earlier, I think I accidentally deleted one of my posts and I could have deleted one of yours too. But that was last week, I haven't been deleting anything this week. If I did, sorry about that!

    You mean back to work as a teacher?
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    A few more weeks.
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    Well if it was the Universal Life Church (Modesto) they ordain anyone that requests it with the assumption its a human being able to make the spiritual commitment, they do assume the requester is not lying. And that takes 48 hours or less since you must be recorded in the ULC Church records. As for the degrees they offer they are exempt as religious degrees and some don't require work and most have a T/F test and you have to pass 75% or higher to earn your degree.

    I would argue the issue here is you lying to the church in question and to the Higher Power that doesn't mean the degree is invalid. You know the states won't touch a religious degree granter only issuing religious degrees with the First Amendment to deal with. And many mainstream faiths would side with such schools its simple none want the government a secular body dictating faith policies regarding religious education.

    What do virtually instant degrees from a faith like the ULC (Modesto) have any bearing on Life Experience Degrees the former are legal even if no one here approves of them?
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    Out of curiousity, do these religious degrees have any kind of accredation?
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    This might be the most entertaining thread I've read
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    If this thread was not bumped I would have never noticed this comment. I know you missed me that month I took my trip, but I never realized it hurt you that deeply. :( I wonder if this was posted before or after that 'Is Maniac Craniac dead?' thread.
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    Are you the queen of thread necromancy or what? :smile:
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    Ok, so EW. Seriously. lol

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