leicester VS heriot-watt for MBA

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by usama_ra, Feb 10, 2010.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this forum .
    I am looking for a good University that offers a distance learning MBA with Specialism in Finance and i came up with a short list of
    1- Leicester MBA
    2- Edinburgh Business School (Heriot-Watt) .

    my selection was mainly based on the course fees that i can offed .
    tuition fees for Leicester is around 12,000 USD
    tuition fees for Heriot-Watt is around 10,000 USD I got fee subsidies.

    Please i need your opinion about these two business schools

    Thanks for every help i may got
  2. edowave

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    Both are good schools. If you want something AMBA accredited, go with Leicester. If you just want a quality program but don't care about the AMBA, go with Heriot-Watt.
  3. Rich Douglas

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    1. Consider carefully the instructional delivery processes of each program--they're significantly different.

    2. Consider the overall rankings of each university--Leicester is much higher.

    3. Consider the cost differences.

    4. Consider the time-in-program differences, if any.

    Do the one that fits you, however. For example, #1 above is, IMHO, way more important than the others, but you might find the need to emphasize speed-to-graduation or cost savings, etc.

    Both are good schools. The difference between their rankings probably won't matter outside of the UK and BC countries.
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  6. usama_ra

    usama_ra New Member

    I have a question if i select Leicester for my MBA can I contine to DBA at Heriot-Watt .
    according to Heriot-Watt site

    To be eligible for direct admission to the DBA programme, you must hold at least one of the following qualifications:

    * a Heriot-Watt University MBA
    * an approved MBA of equivalent standard to that offered by EBS
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  11. edowave

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    You may have to take a prerequisite course to cover something not included in your other MBA, but essentially, yes.
  12. usama_ra

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    in all UK ranking Leicester is much higher , but the strange thing is there is no ranking for Leicester outside UK for example in FT ranking for distance learning MBA heriot-watt in second place but they didn't include Leicester




    is that mean Leicester is not known outside UK ???
  13. joanie

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    Those rankings use different criteria to place schools. For instance, the Financial Times link used total enrollment numbers to place University of Phoenix at the top of the list, yet I think UoP is hardly regarded as one of the highest quality MBA programs.

    League tables should be taken at face value, and as others have said in this thread, the two programs are administered in very different format. Choose the program with the accreditation, price range and content that suits you and your needs. I would say neither program is particularly well-known in the US (I noticed this during my own research), but perhaps contacting their alumni networks will be of some help to you.
  14. usama_ra

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    Joanie ,
    thanks for your advice . I am not interested in US mainly because my current employer is Ireland financial company . but during your research what is the most offerable UK school that well-known in US.
  15. Kizmet

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  16. Rich Douglas

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    According to: http://extras.timesonline.co.uk/tol_gug/gooduniversityguide.php

    Leicester: #15
    H-W: #40
    London: Depends on which college. University College and Imperial College are pretty high. Others, not so much. They are treated as individual universities, although, with a few exceptions, they're likely lumped together in many people's eyes. (LSE, for example, stands pretty much on its own reputation and name.) Financial Times ranks the London Business School #1 in the world, but the degree in question would be awarded by London External, which doesn't enjoy that rank.
  17. usama_ra

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    accreditation is not main factor for me it is just nice to have , what I am looking for is good MBA program that can help me in my job as IT consultant .
    so the most important factors are
    1- high quality program
    2- good reputation in UK and Europe because my company in located in Ireland and we have clients in Europe & middle east

    cost for can go up to 22,000 so if there is a good suggestions i will happy to hear them
  18. major56

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    Warwick Business School (UK) [ranks in the top 1 per cent worldwide /3rd in UK] – higher than $22K (£5,500 per yr. x 3-yrs.), but is offered via DL and is also triple accredited … AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. At today's exchange rate: 1.5587 x £5500 = $8572.85 /yr. (This doesn't include optional weekend seminars or examination fees).
  19. major56

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    The Robert Gordon University – Aberdeen Business School (AMBA accredited) Online MBA 3-yr. program @ £11,438

    Bradford University – School of Management (AMBA and EQUIS accredited): offered worldwide in partnership with Laureate Online Education (£11,750)

    University of Liverpool (The MBA program is not accredited with either EQUIS or AMBA) £9,297
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