leicester VS heriot-watt for MBA

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  1. aliya

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    hi everyone,
    happy to join this forum
    I am accepted to Leicester DL MSc in Finance. Can anyone actually share their experience on the value of the degree?
    I would appreciate if some of Leicester alumni of the program respond - was it benefitial for their career progress, professional development? Overall, are you satisfied with the quality of instruction?
    thank you very much!
  2. tomball

    tomball New Member

    Leicester is a good way to go

    Leicester is a good way to go, I feel like I am living on an one man Island with them; I'd would go with Bocconi if I had to do it over :) - BTW they are beefing up the requirements in 2010; feedback is little to none other than the assigned graders on your work.


    DSS (year 2 with Leicester)
  3. scotty

    scotty New Member

    Looks like both EBS and Leicester have moved up in the 2010 FT rankings:

    Business school rankings from the Financial Times

    How they could be "better" than Drexel, Thunderbird, Durham, and Indiana is beyond me, though. I guess it is because EBS has focused on DL whereas the big boys consider DL an afterthought.

    My main concern about the EBS program is its lack of any accreditation at all. How much would that limit my options if I had EBS on my CV?
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  4. HWCurious

    HWCurious New Member

    Has anyone recently graduated from H-W, Leicester, or Warwick? Care to comment on how your degree was received? Anything tangible re. hirings or promotions?
  5. HWCurious

    HWCurious New Member

    Sorry, I should add: from the distance learning programs at these universities. I am a little concerned about employer perception of the alternate route. Thanks!

    edit: This post alone may not make much sense until the moderator allows my first two posts which aren't showing - patience!
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    Welcome to DI! Thank you for your patience. The time of day that you posted, there are not likely to be moderators online so having to wait is likely. It's 6 AM where I am.
  7. edowave

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    In a cardboard tube, while I was walking across the stage of the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh. :haha: Sorry, couldn't resist.

    In my case, it enabled me to 1) earn an assistantship at UF, and 2) allow 30 credits to be applied towards my PhD program, the maximum allowed by university regulations.

    You may get more responses at the watercooler, which is the unofficial site for the Heriot-Watt MBA students. EBS Watercooler
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  8. Ted Heiks

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    Go for both!
  9. HWCurious

    HWCurious New Member

    I'll likely do more of my future research at the EBS site edowave links to below, but thanks for the warm welcome.
  10. jodelin

    jodelin New Member

    I just signed up to do the Leicester MSc. in Performance Management & Workplace Learning. It is costing me £6,600.00 or approximately USD $10,000.00.

    Their course material is top grade.


    BSc, FCMI, FInstLM, FinstCM (Acad)

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