Lamar University: Cheap...I Mean Cheap...M.Ed.s

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    That's awesome, it's under $5000! Too bad it's limited to a small pool- maybe someone here from Texas can benefit!

    Texas Certified Teacher
    Texas Resident
    Undergraduate GPA of 2.75 (cumulative or last 60 hours)
    Official GRE Score (verbal + quantitative = minimum score 800)

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Wow! I would jump into any Business or IT program; but not Education. Thanks for sharing....
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Is it really your middle name?
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    Yes. My great-grandmother had a cousin named Lamar Zimmerman, my grandfather was Ivan Lamar Heiks, my father is Ronald Lamar Heiks, and I am Theodore Lamar Heiks. The name Lamar can mean either of the sea (Spanish) or land-great (German). Since the name Heiks is German, derived from van Huygens (from the Hague), in my case Lamar probably means land-great. Theodore, by the way, means gift of God. Additionally, Ronald means ruler's counselor and Ivan is Russian for John, meaning God is gracious.
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    Lamar University is named after Mirabeau Lamar. Usually called the "Father of Education" in Texas. When Texas was a country, Lamar was the second president of the republic. Under his administration, monies ( what there was of it...LOL...Texas was a republic with money problems) were allocated to education.

    Contestants were to submit the suggested name with a written explanation not exceeding 100 words telling why the particular name was chosen. On Aug. 20, 1932, the board voted to change the name of South Park College to Lamar College, honoring Mirabeau B. Lamar, second president of the

    Republic of Texas and the man regarded as the founder of public education in Texas.
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    UT Arlington Academic Partnerships

    The Lamar University Academic Partnership (that I posted about in August on the MEd thread) :) has a new cousin: UT Arlington just started offering similar programs and an RN-to-BSN option as well.
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    Do we know what they charge for out of state?


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