Kingdom of Hawaii Royal Accreditation Commission (KOHRAC)

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  1. Stanislav

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    I genuinely do not know who of the two clerics would win in a friendly game of poker like this. Substantively, Bishop Viktor wins handily; just being a Bishop trumps anything else Fr. Andrew has (he CAN however brag about being Bishop-ELECT at one time - but alas, currently just an Archimandrite). Remember that clerical titles of the two Rectors are very real, if not universally accepted. Also, Bp. Viktor is Doctor Nauk, twice (even if his Theology degree comes from his own school). OTOH, Fr. Andrew is a Count, Lord-of-manor (which he stopped listing) and Ambassador-at-large. So Prof. Dr. Bp. Viktor wins oh gravity, while Dr. Count Fr. Andrew wins on style. Tie!

    This is where these two can help each other. Uzhgorod Theological Academy offers DrTh, PhD in Theology, and Doctor Nauk in Theology - the latter of which Fr. Andrew does not have. And remember that, while Uzhgorod Academy seems extremely small and was SAVAGED by critics, it is nevertheless FULLY accredited (in fact the first church school that got accreditation from the government, ahead of both Kyiv Academies). Fr. Andrew, OTOH, can help Bp. Viktor get a noble title and a House Order from Prince Nugzar. Both win! It is possible that what Fr. Andrew wants is to be made Bp. Andrew - Viktor can't help with that, the legitimized Church of Ukraine has more Bishops than it needs and is severely restricted from ordaining anyone outside Ukraine. Bp. Viktor himself took advantage of the one-time opportunity of getting the staff at the "uncanonical" jurisdiction practically right before Constantinople legitimized its clerics en masse. This won't be repeated.
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    Wow! I've always enjoyed reading medieval Byzantine history ... glad to see it persisting in modern times. :)
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  3. Stanislav

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    Lol... there's so much more of this in these quarters. Like the story Russia still uses to insist some of the OCU's orders must be rejected, involving a conman (and more-than-possivly KGB mole) pretending to be a secretly-ordained bishop (he later tried to con the Vatican). He ended up in Australia and was convicted for pretending to be a psychiatrist (with forged Russian diploma). Fascinating stuff.

    Incidentally, this is literally "Byzantine politics", Ecumenical Patriarchate being the last functioning vestige of the Empire. A lot of the past is coming back now, ie. Erdogan turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque, again (cosplaying the Sultan). Interesting times.
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    dup. post. deleted.
  5. Maxwell_Smart

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    I don't know about this Kingdom of Hawaii business. I just know that when they cook the pig underground, it tastes better.
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  6. Johann

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    Uh-huh. Hank Williams Jr. liked it too:

    "We got a pig in the ground, we got beer on ice -
    All my rowdy friends are comin' over tonight."
  7. Johann

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    Interesting times indeed. Maybe there's a remake of "The Empire Strikes Back" in the works somewhere. :eek:
  8. Rich Douglas

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    Seems redundant. Did that guy have friends who weren't rowdy?
  9. Johann

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    Just the song lyrics, Rich -- nothing more. Rowdy? Hank Jr. 'n them were birds of a feather, I guess. Like attracts like.
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    Oh, how delightful! The return of the venerable (yet tragically and utterly destroyed) Kingdom of Hawai'i! If you're going to usurp authority for your own ends, at least usurp extant authority. Conquests, however evilly engineered, have legal consequences recognized by all, or at least, all who matter. Meaning the conqueror and his friends.

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