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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by AdamJLaw, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. AdamJLaw

    AdamJLaw New Member

    Okay, so I can do a degree from Kaplan for free because I work there. The degree I'm looking at is the masters in higher ed with concentration in student affairs. The goal would be to work in student affairs. Is a kaplan degree even worth it? What is the value of the degree in the marketplace?

  2. airtorn

    airtorn Moderator

    It is free and it is RA.

    IMO, yes, it is worth it.
  3. TonyM

    TonyM Member

    It will probably serve you well, with the exception of some highbrow universities.
  4. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    I've worked in student services. I expect it would be a lot better than not having it, and the price is obviously right. I say go for it.
  5. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    What do you have to lose except some time. I say go for it - I know I would.
  6. CalDog

    CalDog New Member

    Let's see. You work for Kaplan. So presumably you have an insider's knowledge of that institution.

    And you are concerned that a Kaplan degree may not be "worth it", even though the price is "free".

    Hmmm. Somehow this doesn't seem like a vote of confidence in Kaplan's operations. But maybe that's just me.
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  7. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    Perhaps the question is more of, "will it seem odd if I list it on my CV that I work there and got a degree there" or "would another masters add any value if I already work there" or it could be a million other things. Let's not jump down the, "you work there and you think the school sucks" road. There is nothing like reading a BS into what people say to make it fit your agenda.
  8. CalDog

    CalDog New Member

    OK. In that case, let's just call it the "you work there and you aren't sure if their free degree is worth it" road.

    This, of course, is fair and accurate, since the OP (1) explicitly indicated that he works there, and (2) explicitly asked if the free degree was worth it.

    OK. In that case, people can draw their own conclusions as to what "you work there and you aren't sure if their free degree is worth it" means.
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  9. AdamJLaw

    AdamJLaw New Member

    What is the point of analyzing my words? My question is will it get me a job in a traditional 4 year college or community college. I have never been on a hiring panel for a college, so I am not sure what the value of a degree from an online school is. You can change the name from Kaplan to UOP or South university and the question is the same. Is there a bias that cannot be overcome? Would I be wasting two years thinking that my degree will get me into higher ed administration? I work in special education and I am completing a certification (free through Kaplan) in applied behavior analysis. I know my job prospects in this situation, but no in higher education. I am trying to judge whether I should complete a full MS in psychology with a concentration in ABA or do the student affairs degree. If I cannot get a job in student affairs I'll stick with ABA. Does that more complete explanation make better sense to you? I have other options if the free degree is not going to help me achieve my goal.
  10. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    You can't get a better value than free.

    If you're willing to put in the time & work to earn the degree, I don't see any downside at all.
  11. CalDog

    CalDog New Member

    Well, your original post was a bit vague.

    OK, this is more specific. Unfortunately, no one can tell you for sure whether or not the degree will get you the job that you want. My guess (and this is only a guess) is that it may be a long shot. A few general factors about the current market for higher ed administration:

    - budgets are tight right now at most colleges/universities, and so hiring is down;
    - more people with doctorates are looking at administrative positions because they can't find full-time faculty jobs, so competition is up;
    - a Kaplan degree would be perceived as relatively low on the academic prestige scale at most traditional B&M schools.

    My impression, based on a casual review of people advertising Kaplan MSHE degrees on linkedin, is that most of them do not have the kinds of jobs that you are interested in. Actually, a lot of them seem to be working for Kaplan.
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  12. StefanM

    StefanM New Member

    I'm not sure it would help all that much. For traditional colleges that would demand an MEd on the front end, they will probably want to see internships, resident assistantships, etc. during the program. I doubt Kaplan will do that for you. If you had prior experience in student affairs, it might be helpful, but I really don't see the MEd without experience opening that many doors that you couldn't walk through with the MS in Psychology. Student affairs typically is a field that requires entrance at the bottom (read: low paid) end of food chain.
  13. ITJD

    ITJD Active Member

    Sure, so long as I can draw a conclusion that your line of posting yesterday means that you had a long day, haven't had a Snickers bar yet, and are channeling some random comedian or satirist intentionally trying to be confrontational...

    There's no doubt that Kaplan has its detractors and you'd expect a high number of people working for Kaplan to have their credentials because of their tuition plan. What I'll say though is that you should only worry about the school your terminal degree comes from. If Kaplan isn't your last stop, the brand of the school doesn't matter as long as it's RA and you do well there.
  14. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

  15. AdamJLaw

    AdamJLaw New Member

    There are actually some internships (300 total hours) required for the degree at Kaplan. I would assume that, that experience would help with opening doors.
  16. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    Well, a couple of you have beat me to it. My first reaction was "You can't beat free..." My second reaction was "If an insider thinks Kaplan sucks then why would..." I'd call in Captain Obvious.
  17. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Sheesh. He didn't say it sucks, or otherwise question its rigor. He simply asked how it's perceived in the wider marketplace for university staff positions.
  18. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    Free? Do it.

  19. Sauron

    Sauron New Member

    The OP's words, not mine, "Is a kaplan degree even worth it? What is the value of the degree in the marketplace?"

    I would say that if you are satisfied with a degree from Kaplan then go for it. Otherwise, seek the best program that you can reasonably afford. A free lunch is not always whats its cracked up to be.
  20. Jonathan Whatley

    Jonathan Whatley Well-Known Member

    You could complete credits or a degree from Kaplan and a "prestige" degree elsewhere.

    With Kaplan credits but no degree, you could also transfer a really small stack of credits, like 6 or 9 sh, reasonably widely to many master's programs, (subject to specific requirements, check with the prospective receiving program before counting on any assurance, etc.)

    You could likely transfer a small stack of Kaplan credits, prior to earning a Kaplan degree, from one of the handful of master's programs relatively friendlier to transfer credit. We talk about ones from Amberton University, Excelsior College, likely Thomas Edison State College, and, if you were a licensed teacher, possibly Morningside College.

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