Just got my dream-job :)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by rickyjo, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. rickyjo

    rickyjo New Member

    I just wanted to thank everybody, once again, for all the assistance in obtaining my A.S.

    My boss was impressed and enthusiastic during the interview concerning how I obtained my degree. What started as a negative question "Does your degree have a computer science focus?" became very positive when I explained the reason I didn't have a focus was more efficient utilization of cheap credit. I explained my cost restrictions and how one day I decided I would get a degree anyway, despite my difficult situation, utilizing Straighterline, FEMA, NFA, ALEKS, and PF. I used my degree as an example of my resourcefulness and ability to seek out data. It was the highlight of the interview.

    I don't think he gave a hoot about the fact I had a degree (he doesn't have one or any credentials) but he was very impressed with HOW I obtained the degree. With my skimpy work experience I had to find a "WOW!" factor if I wanted a prayer of being hired.

    Well, I must have found it, because now I'm a Jr. Network Administrator making double what I've ever made before.

    School was difficult for me, forcing myself to get a degree was one of the most frustrating things I've ever done. I wondered if an associates degree was enough for what I wanted to do, but what's amazing is that just a few months after conferral I had my dream job. Every day is a free education with the most awesome set of equipment I've ever had the pleasure of laying my hands on. The best part is, I get paid instead of the other way around! What a deal!

    So if you're like me and just wish you were done with school, don't lose sight of the goal. :)

    And again, thank you all! I owe this forum a lot.
  2. Messdiener

    Messdiener Member

    Congrats! Such stories are always a good source of inspiration for the rest of us!
  3. rebel100

    rebel100 New Member

    That is a great story man! I'm really happy for you, I love the way you turned it around and built the whole thing into a positive. Way to go! WHen do you start your Bachelors?
  4. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    Good to hear from you, and congratulations!
  5. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    Great to hear such success stories. Congrats to you. Enjoy the results of hard work - you have earned it.
  6. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef

    I'm SO proud of you!
  7. BobbyJim

    BobbyJim New Member

    Got the degree, great job, great story.....way to go!!!!!
  8. opie58

    opie58 New Member

    Super!!!! Way to go!!!
  9. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator Staff Member

  10. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    Congratulations! Enjoy your success and then build yourself a new dream.
  11. 03310151

    03310151 Active Member

    Wow, nicely done! Your hard work paid off with....more hard work. Hehehehe. Getting a new job, especially one with a raise, is a great feeling. I'm glad that we have examples of people who set goals, work hard to achieve them, and enjoy their success.

    Way to go.
  12. mbaonline

    mbaonline New Member

    Impressive story! Proof that if you can dream it, you can do it.
  13. friendorfoe

    friendorfoe Active Member

    Congrats, sounds like you interview very well. That is a critical skill they do not teach in school so good for you.
  14. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    Good job Ricky!!!!!!!!! So happy for you.

    Abner :smile:
  15. rmm0484

    rmm0484 Member

    Congratulations! What an amazing story..... once you get some experience behind you, perhaps the company will help with your Bachelors' Degree, or that you will be able to qualify for grants and scholarships.
  16. BlueMason

    BlueMason Audaces fortuna juvat

    WHAT? All that and NO DANCING BANANAS???? Congrats on a job WELL done!!! Hard work DOES pay off... and once again, education simply has the best return on your investment.

    ..and NOW, the dancing bananas: :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:
  17. widereader

    widereader New Member

    In this economic recession, the white-collar jobs are definitely have a lower demand than blue-collar jobs. Obtaining an Associate's Degree is a good choice where one can truly maximize earning potentials by using cheaper payments for school. Congratulations for this success story.

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