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  1. John Bear

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    I have an inquiry from a reporter about a school board president whose doctorate is from this school, with which I am unfamiliar. From the website, it would seem to be a fairly new religious school, established by Juliana King. Thoughts and opinions will be welcome.
  2. newsongs

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    It appears to be the former "International Kingdom Christian Seminary and School of Counseling (IKCSSC)" with campuses in Nigeria, Europe and the great state of Texas. Juliana King has been the president for 15 years (according to LinkedIn). Other sites (like a former Facebook Page) call JKU " one of the nation's premier Christian Seminary and...".

    Their "new" Website has lots of links not working as of yet.

    Dr. King has multiple doctorates; these degrees are listed. (Further search on LinkedIn indicates her degrees come, in part, from "Faith Christian University" and "Family Bible University").

    Her Education Background:
    Bachelors in Fashion Design
    Bachelors in Theology
    Masters in Christian Education
    Doctorate in Ministry
    Doctorate in Divinity
    Doctorate in Christian Education
    Doctorate in Theology
    Doctorate in Philosophy

    (Source: http://tributetotheking.weebly.com/dr-juliana-king-phd-guest-speaker-iwam-advisory-board.html)
  3. dlbb

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    That domain was created by King on 2015-05-04T18:50:24Z. A press released said this year was their 6th annual graduation. So either they had a previous domain, or time flies for them faster than for us. 2015+6 = 2021.
    The registration address for domain is an apartment complex in Katy, Texas, although it calls itself Beauty of Holiness Celebration Ministries. (Google Maps shows it is clearly residential apartment at the address provided). That doesn't necessarily mean anything. It just may be where the owner resides. I won't list this address but it is in domain look up information (whois).

    The address listed for the school is indeed a commercial building with 47 other commercial tenants, and that is listed publicly on their web site. This can be confirmed visually by using Google maps and buzzfile.

    Numerous broken links.
    Graduation photo and text -- dummy text
    Open House lists Rhonda Hollins, Vice President (VP), Operations and Administration as contact and provides her email as [email protected] She is VP and has no personal email?
    That admin address is listed at top of the web site as well. It seems to be the primary email contact point.

    Graduation dinner claims to be posted on July 22, 2015, but is for JKU Graduation Dinner 2018! Just complete dummy text, no content.

    Site claims to have Blackboard but leads to a dead link. Seriously?

    Only faculty on site is Dr./Bishop King.

    Site does have photos with King and graduates that appears to be possibly legitimate. That doesn't mean they are not staged or that the education is real.

    It seems the "university" has existed only three years with six employees:

    Facebook first post Dec. 6, 2015

    I think there are some alarm bells that could be going off, but if this is associated with a previous university, it could be some low rent Bible school. In some photos, King does appear and there is some King University signs.
  4. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    How could anyone possibly feel good about this?
  5. dlbb

    dlbb Active Member

    International Kingdom Christian Seminary and School of Counseling
    Only 300ish hits on Google for a

    Previous site URL: http://ikcssc-edu.net/ - site has no content
    Current URL for Juliana King University also is a non .edu domain! I wonder why.
    International Kingdom Christian Seminary facebook has no posts, 88 likes. School is the same physical address as Juliana King University.

    International Kingdom Christian Seminary was incorporated in 2008:
    The roles of the 8 employees in this International Kingdom Christian Seminary:
    • President
    • Governing Person
    • Director
    • Director
    • President
    • Manager
    • Director
    No faculty?

    The person who had "manager" role at International Kingom in one thing was listed as "principal" of the Juliana King University.

    International Kingdom does have some educational content on youtube feautring Dr. King, published 2015:

    I have not viewed, nor do I intend to.

    The school clearly has some physical presence, but beyond that I cannot say. I know little of these Bible schools.
  6. dlbb

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  7. dlbb

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  8. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Like the old song, "It don't mean a thing." Premises can be rented - as can grad gowns etc. Not saying this one real, or that it isn't. Just saying I have seen grad pictures - real and faked - from downright horrible - or even nonexistent schools. Something doesn't turn to gold merely because it's published on the Internet.
  9. dlbb

    dlbb Active Member

    There seems to be red flags and discrepancies. It doesn't mean it isn't bad, but as you said the photos and some physical activities doesn't mean it is a bonafide, true school either. I merely try to point things out objectively.

    I think if there is education going on, it is probably a rather low quality Bible school lacking in rigor, but that is just a hunch. It could be a primarily on-campus school with a very substandard, rather suspicious web presence. It is not my place to say what it is or isn't, so I will allow others better informed make that call.
  10. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    I’m going to channel Steve Levicoff channeling Bette Davis . . . “What a dump.”
  11. Tim D

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    9896 Bissonet Street. Suite 118 in Houston Texas is an office building https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/9896-Bissonnet-St-Houston-TX/3978273/
    Using the Wayback Machine:https://web.archive.org/web/20170601000000*/http://julianakinguniversity.org/
    We see that the first capture was April 26 of 2017.

    Interestingly enough we also find the International Kingdom Christian Seminary & School of Counseling listed at the same address:

    Which goes with what newsongs posted. I am guessing that JKU and IKCHSSC are one in the same(as newsongs posted). I could not find a website for IKCHSSC. Interestingly enough Rev. Dr. Bishop King's linked in still lists International Kingdom Christian Seminary & School of Counseling and not JKU.

    Everything about it seems suspect. First which is the name of the school? If the name has changed, then a year and half should be more than enough time to get most of the information switched. This includes your linkedin page. I would also say, it should be adequate time to get your web presence sorted.

    I can't say anything with certainty but there is smoke here.
  12. dlbb

    dlbb Active Member

    And one blog article claimed Rev. Dr. Bishop King had a vision for the name change when she became Bishop in 2009, and that that was when she changed the name. That doesn't seem to be consistent with the established timeline.

    Of course one could claim that the author of that blog post, which incidentally was written in the same fashion as most everything associated with the prestigious university, was in error.
  13. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member

    Where is Steve Levicoff. I’ll wait for his post and just say I agree. In fact, I will agree with him even before I see what he has to say.
  14. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    If y'all insist . . . It's so obviously a mill that I didn't bother commenting.

    Trivia note: If you click on the YouTube link, you'll hear that Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. King does not have an American accent at all. My guess is that she's from Jamaica - Kingston area, to be exact.

    But she's apparently not going for the traditional degree mill market, and is likely to remain a bit player.

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