It's raining mills hallelujah, it's raining mills

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by TeacherBelgium, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. TeacherBelgium

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    I now present to you the latest mill of the mills :

    Singapore Business School.

    [Linked removed by Moderator]

    They seem to have opened during the lockdown.

    A range of accrediting bodies no one has ever heard of.

    A nice website. I should give them that.
    A nice looking degree too.

    But a mill nevertheless.

    And their mascotte makes their degree look more like a Chinese menu card than like a degree.

    They also offer a '' scholarship '' that's more like a discount than anything else.

    They claim to have students in over 80 countries and promise pay raises of over 10k$.

    No one mentioned them before and I came across them because they were advertising on Facebook.

    Now they can forget going unnoticed as I hopefully make them go viral with this post.

    So yeah, a scam.
    Buyer beware.
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  2. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    This is not new to us. Here's one of the previous threads.

    I think there are other threads too. Before you post your newest discovery, it's wise to look up on the search thing. We may have been cussing and discussing the same school since 2004. Been quite a bit of "new" old discoveries lately. Maybe there's something new to say - maybe there's not.
  3. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    And PLEASE don't post direct links to suspected bogus schools. It helps them with their SEO and we don't want to do that. I usually do something like
    "www-dot-SlimeValleyUniversity-dot-edu-dot-org" See what I mean? People know where to go if they want to investigate - but no direct link.

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