It’s Humans Replacing Humans With AI Not AI Taking Jobs

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    Should prospective students not get a degree, that would lead to a white collar job, in these fields? Current degree holders in these fields should do what?

    Fields like customer service, human resources, and positions within finance and health care could all see automation

    AI will likely be capable of managing “things in like drug discovery or in trying to finish up chemistry.”

    As for human resources, Krishna says that AI could do “90%” of data processing needed for “promoting people, hiring people, moving people” while the final judgment calls are still left in human hands.

    “There are hundreds of such processes inside every enterprise, so I do think clerical white collar work is going to be able to be replaced by this.”

    AI taking over customer service could also get clients “a much better answer at maybe around half the current cost,” according to Krishna. “Over time, it can get even lower than half, but it can take half out pretty quickly.”

    warn that other industries are threatened by the emergence of such powerful — and now highly public — AI.

    They include education, graphic design, software engineering, and parts of journalism, such as copywriting, according to the professors.
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    AI can optimize outcomes, but it can't determine values. It's humans that will decide how, where, and when to apply AI.

    My vision for the future is not that AI replaces journalism and graphic design, but that the human thrivers in those fields will also be highly technically proficient.
  3. Rich Douglas

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    Advancements in technology have freed humans to do even greater things. We went to the moon with less computing power than is in your phone. Imagine where AI might take us?
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  4. Lerner

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    Everything can be used and abused.
    The potential for AI is great.
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  5. SweetSecret

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    AI is helpful for designers. I know someone who has been doing requests through the inspection of public records act and wanted to have all the associated fees be tax deductible, and thought a blog could serve that purpose. The person asked me to create the website with the blog. I used MidJourney to create some artwork for it, without the names of any specific artists just general styles. Something that probably would have taken me hours took me only 15 minutes on MidJourney. It might not be exactly what I would have done from scratch but it serves the purpose. Love AI!
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  6. Lerner

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    Met a young man today who used AI app ChatGPT to write a humorous book on how to make money and published it on Amazon, all in one week. He knew how to ask the right questions and his virtual AI assistant did the rest for him.
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    If we look back at the start of the internet, not everyone jumped on board at once. There was a slow adoption, and it wasn't until broadband became available for most people around the year 2000 that using the internet became practical.

    AI is predicted to be bigger than the internet, and now it is practical for the majority of people to use AI. However, unlike the internet, AI is often used for niche applications, and not for long periods of time.

    I don't believe that there is such a thing as job elimination. Jobs may be lost, but new ones are created with higher wages due to increased productivity.

    At present, AI is mainly used as a personal assistant to boost productivity, rather than taking over large areas of white-collar jobs.
  8. Lerner

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    How he did it - the process:

    Asked ChatGPT for list of 20 books on how to make money.

    Then Asked for 50 options to invent 50 book titles that not exist based on the names of the to 20 books listed above.
    Checked the 50 options and liked the one Get Rich Quickly (Or Go Broke)

    Next asked for ideas for 100 chapters
    Used Midjourney to make a cover picture.
    upload_2023-3-9_7-35-52.png upload_2023-3-9_7-36-15.png

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  9. LevelUP

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    I love that book cover! Midjourney is pretty amazing.

    It seems like the prompts have asked ChatGPT to use analogies, jokes, and a conversational style for each section, and overall, it reads naturally and is interesting.

    Now, onto the powerful prompt, I'll share with you guys.

    "Act like a proofreader and correct the following text: [Insert text up to 1000 words]."

    This approach is much better than using Grammarly and is also much quicker.

    I'm looking to write some books myself. I want to write something on how to get rich quickly (not easily) since those types of books are quite popular.

    Mostly, I'm interested in writing books related to personal finance and personal development. Additionally, I offer small ebook giveaways as a way to build up my newsletter list.
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