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    Yes, aka Irish International University which used to be represented by a set of rather unpleasant London lawyers. I didn’t know Prof Kempe, Graf von Roit zu Hoya, Laird of Glencairn, etc and linked to other interesting universities was still active.
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    I saw his name again quite recently, on a "school" site somehow associated with Isles - forget the name. I'll look it up when I have a chance. I remember him from years back -- something to do with an "invention" of his - said to be cancer-curing. Odd - looked exactly like an Ipod, IIRC.

    Blitzenjohann, der Einsiedler der Blues. (Lightnin' John, the Blues Hermit). Pfalzgraf, Landgraf, Markgraf und plain ol' Graf zu Googleberg. :)
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    And wasn't our Nigerian friend, Usman Ali Awheela both a Doctoral grad and a professor there?
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    Wow! "His Royal Highness Hans Ibn Sina Al Kempe Prof. Dr. Joachim AL-Kempe sa Iligan-Pilimpinas alias Prof. Dr. Hans J. Kempe (VEN) Graf von Roit zu Hoya, alias Hans Laird of Glencairn..."
    Family portrait - Hans and his wife: "Her Royal Highness Queen Salvacion Legaspi AL-Kempe sa Iligan (Queen of Mindanao). Wonder what Pres. Duterte makes of that title of hers?

    Quite a page on Kempe here - tells it like it is. Minces no words.

    BTW - "Hans Ibn Sina al Kempe" - OML! For those who may not have heard of him, Ibn Sina was one of the greatest physicians and thinkers who ever lived. 980 -1037. Known as Avicenna in English.
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    I love - and have never forgotten - an old Louisiana swamp-pop hit from the fifties that I first heard when it was new: "This Should go on Forever." I was 16 when I saw Rod Bernard perform it on American Bandstand in 1959.

    Well, perhaps Isles International shouldn't go on forever, but it does. Here's an article 12 hours old:

    I remember also that QAC (Quality Assurance Commission) a UK "accreditor" is owned by the same person as Isles International. If it walks like a duck, QACS like a duck, etc... I'm pretty sure it was a QAC-accredited "school" site where I last saw Hans Kempe's name. QAC is here: www-dot-qac-dash-uk-dot-org
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    Irish University Business School, not Irish International University, but it's pretty much the same thing in my opinion.
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    Indeed. The owner of Irish University Business School was at one time Honorary Chancellor of Irish International University. A - umm, former accountant, I see. His story here:

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