Is Nova Southeastern feeling the heat?

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    I remember when Nova was one of the few schools offering a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice. The tuition was about 70k.

    The tuition now seems to be 34.5k

    Maybe they want to compete with UNG (approx. 17k tuition only) and Liberty (approx. 34k tuition only).

    If UNG's program were around when I was in the market for a Ph.D., it would certainly be my first choice, especially with the cost. However, the program has an intelligence focus, which isn't my forte, but I doubt that would matter. The program also has two directed teaching courses allowing students to co-teach a course.

    I would also consider Nova because they have a 15-credit concentration in juvenile justice (my specialty). Nonetheless, I paid just under 27k at Liberty with my Emergency Response Personnel discount.

    On another note, I thought Nova had done away with its DPA program. Well, they offer it online (asynchronous - 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays). They also note, "Attendance at on-campus end-of-term seminars may also be required periodically during the program." The tuition is $1,500/credit ($90,000).

    CORRECTION: Having read the fine print, Nova's cost is one year. So, yea, they are still expensive as hell.
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    Which one is UNG? My first thought is University of New Guinea, but that seems rather unlikely. :)
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    :D The University of North Georgia. The university you references is UPNG (University of Papua New Guinea).
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  5. Johann

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    And I thought it was University of Nigeria. But that's UNN - here.
    The country code is .ng and I guess that's what messed me up. :) Sometimes, I think I've got Nigeria on the brain. :)
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    And here I thought "UNN" stood for "University of New Nolidge." But speling was nevur my forty.
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Has Nova Southeastern University cutting its tuition in half? The Ph.D. degree in the used to about over $1000.00 per credit; which 66 credits for the program for a little over $70K. Now tuition indicates only $33,264.00; I am wondering if this is the entire program or per annum.
  8. chrisjm18

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    I pointed it out already (see Corrections).

    "The Cost Of Attendance (COA) is an estimate of the total cost of attending NSU for one year."
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