Is it "a MBA" or "an MBA"?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by dlady, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. dlady

    dlady Active Member

    Is it "a MBA" or "an MBA"?
  2. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    I vote for "an."
  3. Jonathan Whatley

    Jonathan Whatley Well-Known Member

    An MBA.

    "Use an before words or abbreviations beginning with a vowel or a consonant with a vowel sound…

    She bought an SLR digital camera.
    [SLR begins with a vowel sound "ess."]" – Alred, Brusaw, & Oliu, Handbook of Technical Writing 9th ed., 2009, p. 1. The note in parentheses is in the original.

    The abbreviation "MBA" begins with a vowel sound, like "em-bee-ay." The full title "Master of Business Administration" doesn't begin with a vowel sound.
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  4. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    I'm another vote for "an MBA" (and "a Master of Business Administration").
  5. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

  6. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Yes - an MBA but a Master's in Business Administration. The abbreviation indeed makes the difference, as Jonathan points out.

  7. rook901

    rook901 New Member

    If you have to ask, you probably don't need to worry about it. ;)
  8. reckedhim

    reckedhim New Member

    I was going to say the same thing!
  9. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    I wouldn't say that at all. He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.
  10. dlady

    dlady Active Member

    For someone pursuing so many degrees, you have a unique stance on questions.

    For what is it worth, not every question comes from ignorance, nor every answer from enlightenment.
  11. rook901

    rook901 New Member

    The issue at hand is not the question itself, but the underlying connotation. Asking that question speaks to one's preparedness -- or lack thereof -- for tackling a writing-intensive MBA program. Thus, the lack of need to worry about said program. That's about as tactful a response as I can come up with.

    I don't think that my stance on questions is unique. I'm all for asking questions, if those questions are difficult to answer and contribute to meaningful dialogue about a topic. There's something to be said for a person doing their own research -- another skill that needs to be mastered prior to graduate-level work.

  12. dlady

    dlady Active Member

    You right, I wouldn't stand a chance at any of that stuff. Good luck in your studies.
  13. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    I think a more important question is why someone who averages 4 posts per year would use 2 of them in this, of all threads.
  14. dlady

    dlady Active Member

    Hey come on, I post a little more than that. (ha ha).
  15. rook901

    rook901 New Member

    Quality over quantity.

    As a side note, I'm amazed that a DBA even has to ask this question. Just sayin'.
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  16. dlady

    dlady Active Member

    Maybe it was a bet he won.

    Your challenge seems to be that you understand 'what' a question is, but are struggling to understand 'why' a question may be asked. It isn't always ignorance, as you assume. Far from it actually. I am sure your executive leadership program will provide some great tools for you in 2016 to tackle a complex topic such as this.

    My best.

  17. rook901

    rook901 New Member

    Actually, that was pretty well covered in undergrad. But, you're absolutely right -- I hope that once I complete a graduate degree, I'll be able to answer these kinds of tough questions. If I ever have a desire to pursue a Doctorate degree that clearly doesn't involve much academic rigor, I'll have a good starting point for my inquiry.
  18. dlady

    dlady Active Member

    Wow. We'll you win this round. Good luck with your life plans.
  19. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef

    That's also my vote.

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