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    Ted Heiks was born in Columbus, Ohio, on January 21, 1962, the son of two poor as church mice college students at Ohio State. When Ted Heiks' father graduated with his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Nuclear Option in June 1963, the family headed to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where Ted's dad worked for the Atomic Energy Commission and did further studies at the Oak Ridge School of Reactor Technology. In 1966, Ted's dad took a summer job in Connecticut and then moved the family to Michigan in order to take a position with Consumers Power Company, now known as CMS Energy. That position lasted until August 1978, when Ted's dad took a vice-presidency at Plateau Resources Limited in Grand Junction, Colorado, a concern wholly owned by CMS Energy. While residing in Grand Junction, Ted Heiks graduated Fruita Monument High School on May 19, 1980 and began his collegiate studies at Mesa College, now known as Mesa State College. When Ted's advisor retired, Ted transferred to Western State College of Colorado, where he completed his BA in History and Political Science on August 3, 1984 and did further studies toward an MA in Social Studies with History Emphasis (but did not complete his graduate studies). Ted Heiks also did some work toward an MA in Mediaeval History at the University of Colorado Boulder (but did not graduate). Ted Heiks then resided in the Greater Seattle area from August 1986 to August 2001. During this time he completed an MBA in Entrepreneurship (1992) and an MBA in Marketing (1993) at City University, now known as City University of Seattle. Mr. Heiks also attempted a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Seminary in Tacoma, Washington (another incomplete attempt at graduate studies). Mr. Heiks then attempted studies towards an MA in Humanities with History Emphasis at California State University Dominguez Hills and an MA in Civil War Studies at American Military University (but dropped out of both simultaneously). Ted Heiks has lived in Ottawa County, Ohio, since August 2001. Ted Heiks acquired his first copy of Bears' Guide in 1992 and has been a member of since February 2005.
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    Hi Ted - Thanks for the intro and thanks for all your contributions. It wouldn't be the same place without you.
  3. PatsFan

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    Hi Ted,

    I enjoy your posts and appreciate your wealth of knowledge about DL and various other subject areas.

    Tom (PatsFan)
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    What an interesting background. Thanks for always sharing your time and knowledge.

    Your broheim,

    Abner :)
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    Algebra Beginning, Intermediate and College credits


    I liked your bio! I still don't know how to make a new thread.

    My daughter may be going into a graduate program in education but she needs 9 semester credits in mathematics. I was thinking of her trying aleks and trying ACE credits in the above. If she does that, do you (or anyone) know of a college that she could transfer those credits to so that she could show a college/university transcript with 9 semester credits. Her home university won't take anything less than College Algebra.

    I also thought of two CLEPs - College Math, and College Algebra.

    I am open to all suggestions. We want to do this by the end of the summer, at the latest. for College Algebra 3 semester credits + 6 semester credits?

    Thank you,

  6. Ted Heiks

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    Ted Heiks is now a Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member. :eek:
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    Congrat's Ted!
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    Ted Heiks talks about Ted Heiks like he is someone other than Ted Heiks :eek: Reminds me of someone I once saw on TV, but I can't remember who... hmm... something about a raised eyebrow and an elbow drop or something...

    Anyway, the bio didn't include the fact that our friend Theo is working on an MA from WNMU with concentrations in political science and history. Nor the fact that DegreeInfo is indebted to him for his contributions over the years.

    If you smeeeeeeeeellllalalalalaoooow, what Ted Heiks... is cookin'
  9. Ted Heiks

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    Yes, Ted Heiks wrote about himself in the third person.
  10. Ted Heiks

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    Correction: Theo withdrew from his two classes in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with dual concentration in History and Political Science at Western New Mexico University in Summer 2009 and has not yet returned. Sorry to disappoint.
  11. Maniac Craniac

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    Wow. You don't even get to know the schools before you dump them.
  12. Ted Heiks

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    Well, I got accidentally locked out of the internet classroom for two weeks and fell hopelessly behind in an eight-week course. So I withdrew.
  13. soupbone

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    Welcome to the board Ted. I hope you stick around and spend some time discussing some of the various topics on distance learning. :p
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    And we must offer the obligatory advice we give to all newbies to make sure they get to know our distinguished senior member Ted Heiks.
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    Welcome moderator Ted :D
  16. rickyjo

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    Wow? Already? That's quick work.
  17. Ted Heiks

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    Uh-oh! My mother told me last night she found this thread.

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