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    While a lot of this is cool, it's worth noting that Microsoft Start is a news aggregator with awfully low standards for inclusion. That article about a supposedly habitable planet found by NASA, for example, is really from a woowoo site that usually has articles about astrology and similar nonsense.
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    Obviously. This seemed more of a blurb for an article, than a complete story. A couple of paragraphs. then it ended in shout-outs for Numerology and Astrology.

    ...and I thought I was RID of Microsoft.... "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in." (Al Pacino. as Michael Corleone, Godfather III.)
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    Biology is incredibly complex. We fit in here because we evolved to this existence on this planet while it, too, evolved.

    It is highly unlikely we'll find another suitable planet where we can just park our spaceship and gambol in their fields, drink their water, and eat the food it produces. The microbes alone might kill us straight away. And terra-forming a planet is a concept way off into the future. The trick won't be to find a planet we can terra-form, nor even getting there. (Hello, generational space travel!). No, the trick will be to make it into something we can live on. Currently, that's the stuff of very futuristic science fiction.

    We'd better take care of the planet we're on. It's the only one we know.

    (And no, we're not destroying the planet. It will, in the long run, be fine. It's the humans who are imperiled, not the planet.)
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    At best they can hope to clone and then teleport AI versions of what makes us individual as humans (our mental processes, etc.) to other planets, asteroids, moons, or comets, where they can interact with others for eternity. No physical human bodies will thus have to deal with deadly extremes in temperature, gravity, chemicals, gases, electromagnetic radiation, microbial activity, incompatible life forms, or with malevolent pre-existing beings.

    It would take a zillionth of a second to arrive on Mars, rather than 4 years after spending a century building an Earth- like atmosphere there. We could even send our AI clones to Pluto!
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    Unless we figure out a practical Alcubierre drive, we ourselves are probably not leaving the Solar system. If we really want to seed other planets with flesh and blood humans, more practical than a generational ship would be a ship whose cargo includes embryos, artificial wombs, and AI with robotics to care for and raise human babies. (All of this has been covered by science fiction, of course.)
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