Interdisciplinary/Individually Designed Degrees

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    This program appears to be entirely in residence. Did I miss something?
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    When I used the term "coursework" I was referring to the time in class. Classes are in on-campus residency. All the actual study 'work' we do is at home. On an ongoing basis, we interact with our professors and complete assignments via an internet system.

    I continue to live and work in Uruguay. I have to travel to school for 2-3 weeks per year, and this can be one, two, or three trips, which I decide how to schedule. My study is self-directed, but I have assignments to complete for each of the 5 to 7 courses I have for each of those weeks in residency.

    This program is not online, because classroom coursework is not online. But, for me, it is distance learning, because I'm still based in my hometown and I continue my study at home.
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    You seem to be right, I can't find anywhere on the site where it says it's a distance program. I must've made a mistake, sorry :)
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    I have my degree from Wentworth. I attended classes on campus in Boston. All the actual study 'work' I did was in my home or some library. This didn't make it a distance leanrning program.
  5. Maybe we could see some Bachelor's individually designed degrees on this thread as well?
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    I don't think that's a good idea.

    Interdisciplinary/Self-Designed BA's are really a dime a dozen - actually, I think is the most common Distance Learning undergrad degree.

    But individually designed Master degree are rare - specially american ones.

    That's why I asked for a sticky for this thread.
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    Bowling Green State University offers an online Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree.
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    Very similar to how the U of Oklahoma Liberal Studies program *used* to work. I get it now -- thanks for the info!
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    We could either: (a) include interdisciplinary bachelor's degrees in this thread or (b) make a separate thread for interdisciplinary bachelor's degrees.
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    It would be better to have a separate thread.

    Because there's so many BA in interdisciplinary studies, general studies, liberal studies, etc... that the Master here would be buried beneath so many BA's
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    This is regarding Associate's Degree, not Bachelor's or Master's, but Middlesex Community College here in Massachusetts has a Liberal Studies Associates degree that is very flexible. I am thinking of transferring to that program. They have other completely online programs, too. The only thing is they accept a maximum of 45 out of the 60 - 61 necessary credits (so I'm still looking at Bachelor's programs...)
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    Noticed today that Nova Southeastern offers a "M.A. in Cross-Disciplinary Studies":

    Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Offered entirely via distance, no campus visit required. 33 credit program, optional 6-credit thesis. It does require a practicum of some sort. It mentions concentrations but I didn't see anywhere that listed them.

    Tuition = $545/credit, so $17,985 total + fees for the program.
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    Oxford Graduate School does not appear to be a regionally accredited university.
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    No, but it is nationally accredited by TRACS.
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    U - Wisconsin - Superior

    Also noteworthy:

    University of Wisconsin - Superior

    The path to your University of Wisconsin Degree - Distance Learning Center - UW-Superior

    Individually Designed Major


    Notable alumni:

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Arnold Schwarzenegger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    "After taking English classes at Santa Monica College in California, he earned a B.A. by correspondence from the University of Wisconsin–Superior, where he graduated Business and International Economics, in 1979.[3] Retrieved April 18, 2007."
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    Interesting. TRACS, I assume?
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