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    I don't know how wise a course an interdisciplinary degree would be for someone who wants to do adjunct teaching.

    I formerly taught at a State University and we were strictly limited to hiring within the position description. If the the description said "MA in History" that was all that could be hired. No MA "social science", no MA "history and political science".

    Anyway, as practical matter, we got so many applications that the odd ones never were considered. Our loss perhaps, but there you are.
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    I was eliminated for consideration for a faculty position in emergency management (EM) because I was told that while I had 18 hours in emergency management courses, they were cobbled together throughout several programs and were titled either "homeland security" or "public administration." I was told that my credits did not meet accreditation standards for the school in regard to hiring faculty (SACS) and that a position in EM required a Masters in EM - no more, no less. Right or wrong, as Warguns indicated, a degree in anything other than what is listed on the description is often an early casualty in the initial screening process.

    Granted this may be a strict interpretation by that particular school, but it is being applied by some. I have seen it applied more consistently in business programs where a specific discipline is being sought and MBAs are denied because their credits are not specific enough to the position. The "18 hours in a subject rule" is tossed around here frequently, but beware that just having 18 hours may not meet the requirements for some schools.
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    Do you know if there is a school that offers an undergrad interdisciplinary /multidisciplinary prgrm of a History, Philosophy and writing?
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    WNMU's program offers history and writing but not philosophy:

    Virtual Campus - Online Programs

    Though I'm sure you could work some philosophy in there in your writing & historical research if you tried :)
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    I read your comment. Thanks for your information. But I am trying to look for something undergrad where you can transfer credits.
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    Empire State College
    Master of Arts in Liberal Studies
    "The distinctive feature of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies is that you have the freedom to design a highly individualized, interdisciplinary program in your own focused area of interest."
    $349 per credit in-state, $574 per credit out-of-state, I don't think graduate students pay in-state if doing purely online like undergrad students do, d'oh.
    Master of Arts in Liberal Studies | SUNY Empire State College
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    Yes, some schools, even some states are more particular than others. I know that Pennsylvania is typically a stickler; however, I have had nothing but success finding work with my MA in Interdisciplinary Studies degree. Sometimes when you are too specialized, schools want more diversity so that they can pull you in different departments. Other times when you are too diversified, they want you to be especially specialized, or they won't consider you. I always recommend searching the wanted ads to see the general pattern and preferences of search committees. Many times they will say "or related degree" and that may give you wiggle room with less specified degrees.
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    History,Philosophy and writing

    My purpose for an interdisciplinary degree have more relevance with being a writer/author of fictional history. I just feel it would look good once I get my book published.
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    I agree, I like interdisciplinary degrees because I have so many interests. I write historical fiction too and I think that type of degree will serve you well.
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    According to the Regis CPS website, this is now a classroom-only program.
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    I wonder if a Master in ID will actually server as a strong indicator to get a adj teaching position online? I imagine, if I were hiring someone to facilitate a class, I would want them to have a degree in a specific field with more than 18 grad units in the area. I perceive that a Masters in a specific field will outweigh a M.ID. Can anyone share if they have been able to teach (online or at a B&M college) with a Masters in ID? I would truly like to here about your experience. :)

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