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    I've written about the Institute of Buddhist Studies a number of times in the past. It's always been my example of an academically very good currently non-accredited school.

    It's been a candidate with WASC for the last few years. And on February 14, WASC accredited it. (Retroactive to May 1, 2019.)

    Another of my old California Approved favorites list bites the dust.

    This might be the smallest school that WASC currently accredits. I'm very glad to see WASC do this.
  2. Steve Levicoff

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    But hardly a first . . . The Won Institute (located for many years in Glenside, PA, and moving next year to nearby Warminster, PA) has been accredited by Middle States for several years. They have programs in both Won Buddhist Studies and graduate programs (including a doctorate) in Acupuncture.

    However, neither Won nor IBS appear to have significant distance education programs (IBS has an online certificate, but not degree, program).
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    That’s great, I always wondered why There were no RA non-Christian schools with those types of programs.
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