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  1. vinodgopal

    vinodgopal New Member

    Offers Online MBA through All India Management Association(AIMA & Punjab Technical University). For those who wish to do an MBA under $USD4500 recognized by UGC and AICTE this is the right program to chose.

    I will joining the January intake and should anybody be interested in joining the program, I would be more than glad to help you contact the right person.

    Welcome to IIKM
  2. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    I might feel more comfortable with this school if its web site did not feature predominantly Caucasians.
  3. vinodgopal

    vinodgopal New Member

    It is an Indian business school of course. You could evaluate the credits earned through this program and convert them into their American regional accreditation equivalent. Like I said I will be joining the Jan intake and hope to secure an MBA in Two years. I know MBA's are dime a dozen but still it would help my cause.
  4. Kizmet

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  5. vinodgopal

    vinodgopal New Member

    India warns students of bogus distance learning courses | Seer Press[/QUOTE]

    Please read the following from the same article

    "not to enroll in some distance learning courses offered by certain schools like Punjab Technical University and Sikkim Manipal University."

    "Only MBA and MCA educational offerings are currently approved by the AICTE.

    We are talking about an AICTE approved MBA course i think. But still let me check with the university. Thanks though.
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  6. Kizmet

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    This is one of the reasons that I never get too deep into these conversations; there's so much splitting of hairs. The research required to actually feel like you know ALL the facts is so extensive that it makes it impractical. Ultimately you have to know and understand the intracasies of the accreditation practices of a foreign nation as well as the language. So in this case we're supposed to believe that all the programs offered by PTU are junk EXCEPT the MBA program. Well even if the MBA program is decent I still wouldn't want to be associated with a school that has such a bad general reputation. Especially in the realm of the MBA degree where there are SOOO many alternatives? So now we're going to get a statement from the school and what do you suppose they're going to say? Will they say, "Yes, all our programs are substandard and we're mostly interested in taking your money. We feel like we've created a paper trail of semi-legitimacy that is so exquisitely torturous that no one will be able to state definitively that we are a bogus organization. So good luck and thanks for the cash." No, of course not. They're going to put up some defense that cites this and that organization that allegedly offers them legitimacy and maybe even a link to some India law written in Sanskrit. I'm thinking that this place just doesn't pass the sniff test.
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  7. BrandeX

    BrandeX New Member

    For that kind of cash you can just about do a real distance degree from the USA. They might want to rethink they're marketing strategy, and perhaps drop a zero off the end of their price. That's still about 20,000 rupees which is a lot of money in India afaik.
  8. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    I think that this was at least part of the point that Ian was making. They're not marketing this program to the people of India. They're marketing it to Europeans.
  9. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Not really - about $450 US, actually. Maybe two weeks' pay or a bit more for an Indian smack in the middle of the country's large "middle class" (heading to 200 million.)
    It takes five times that amount or more (one lakh - 100,000 rupees) to buy a new low-end Tata Nano. Not something I'd do, myself. (I'd rather have a Maruti).

    Come to think of it, BrandeX, $450 for two weeks is not an unheard-of income in China's rapidly emerging middle class, is it? I've recently heard of middle-class Chinese earning this kind of money (in Beijing).

    Even at $450, I wouldn't sign up for a dubious degree. Indian authorities and employers aren't stupid. They'll know what you've got.

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