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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by bamafan, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. bamafan

    bamafan New Member

    If you don't mind my asking, what types of questions should I expect during the phone interview if I get one? Do they let you know something at the end of the interview or do you have to wait?
  2. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    Never done one with UoP but had few with other online schools and they all pretty much ask the same thing. Issues such as how would you deal with angry students, what type of teaching experience do you have, why do you want to teach online, working experience, are you willing to put from 10 to 15 hours a week and go for a non paid training, salary expectations and education just too mention a few. None of the interviews that I had were technical and mainly concentrated in ability to teach on line. You are normally contacted a week later if you make a good fit or sent a debrief letter telling you thanks but not thanks. Other schools give you an online test by asking you to moderate a test class with two fake students just to see your potential. Just be yourself and show them interest and willing to learn if you have not much experience. UoP should be easier than the ones that pay more so I wouldn't expect such a difficult interview but basically verify what you have already stated in your resume.
  3. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    They ask the same questions they asked on the online interview form. At the end of mine, they said they will review the notes and get back to me. Within a day or so I got an email telling me that I was moving to the next stage.
  4. bamafan

    bamafan New Member

    My recruiter has arranged for a phone interview this Thursday. Wish me luck!
  5. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    Good luck - just review the answers you provided already.
  6. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    Good luck!
  7. buckwheat3

    buckwheat3 Master of the Obvious

    Good Luck! Looks like they are pushing right along!
    PM sent!
    all the best,
  8. bamafan

    bamafan New Member

    Well I fear I may be getting stood up on the Axia/UoP phone interview. No call as of yet.......
  9. bamafan

    bamafan New Member

    Due to my recruiter getting mixed up on the differences in the time zones, my phone interview has been rescheduled most likely for Monday afternoon. I was getting worried but it appears things are back on track.
  10. mattbrent

    mattbrent Well-Known Member

    The same thing happened to my wife when she was waiting for her call. It was like waiting for the cable guy to show up in the 4 hour window and then never coming. But then they finally got it straight.

  11. bamafan

    bamafan New Member

    How far along in the process is your wife? Has she taught a course yet? WHat subject area is she pursuing?
  12. mattbrent

    mattbrent Well-Known Member

    She is currently teaching her first class as part of the mentorship. She's in the education department and is teaching a special education course. It's the last course the students take before student teaching. Thestudents just submitted their first paper, and despite my warnings about the lack of quality in the average UoP education student, she was amazed at how horrible the papers were. The spelling and grammar were atrocious, and a good chunk of the students totally missed the point of the assignment. She can't understand how UoP has allowed these students to get to the last GRADUATE course in the program still turning in crap like that!

    She has a super anal mentor. The mentor expects her to do all of these things that NONE of my UoP instructors ever did, included the instructor I just had in the school finance course I just completed. The mentor keeps referring her to the faculty handbook, but both of us have gone through the handbook and it mostly contadicts what the mentor says.

    Basically, my wife is just trying to get through this mentorship hell so she can focus on teaching the course and not dealing with the mentor.

  13. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

  14. bamafan

    bamafan New Member

    Well I completed my phone interview with Axia this afternoon. Things seemed to have gone really well. It lasted about 30 minutes and he told me he would be in touch with me within the next 48 hours. Hopefully I will get to move on to the training.
  15. bamafan

    bamafan New Member

    I was contacted by my recruiter this evening and he extended me an invitation to participate in their training. He also informed me that the school has relaxed its office hours requirement. Instructors are known expected to respond to questions within a reasonable amount of time such as 24 hours.
  16. Profmis

    Profmis New Member

    Good luck moving forward. I will be having my phone interview next week. Any tips: questions they asked, things you wish you had done different, etc?

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