I did it!!! I contacted MUST. And boy was it ever fun!!! lol

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    Ok, so here is my entire chat with them. Now Im logging off to run a Norton scan on my computer. Be back later!!

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    Paul Anderson: Kindly Reply Back

    Paul Anderson: hello

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Hello

    Paul Anderson: how are you doing ?

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: I have a few questions about your degrees

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: I have 3 that I cant decide between, and I really want to get them all at the same time. Is that possible? Kind of like a triple major?

    Paul Anderson: yes

    Paul Anderson: you can

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: I really want nursing, crime scene investigation, and clinical psychology. Can I do all 3 at the same time?

    Paul Anderson: yes you can do it

    Paul Anderson: for that you need to get yourself enroll in all these majoes

    Paul Anderson: majors

    Paul Anderson: let me guide you how

    Paul Anderson: first of all i need to know some basic information from your side

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: I cant decide which career I want. Do I have any residency requirements? Will all of your degrees lead to licensure? Are they 100% accredited, accepted, respected, and legit? Im not interested in "buying" degrees from a degree mill. I want real degrees. I just dont want to spend my whole life trying to earn them. Know what i mean?

    Paul Anderson: may I have what is the highest level of qualification you have ?

    Paul Anderson: yes i understand what you mean

    Paul Anderson: how ever Must University is the world's Largest online University

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: I have an AA degree and an AS degree

    Paul Anderson: which is based in United state of America and it is accredited by

    Paul Anderson: IAO

    Paul Anderson: that is International Accreditation Organization and it is well recognized across the globe

    Paul Anderson: Member of USDLA

    Paul Anderson: CLICK ON IT

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Is this the site? USDLA - United States Distance Learning Association: For-Profit Organizations

    Paul Anderson: USDLA - United States Distance Learning Association: For-Profit Organizations

    Paul Anderson: yes

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Ok, I saw it.

    Paul Anderson: MUST University Ranked Among Top 5 Fastest Growing Online Universities - Yahoo! News

    Paul Anderson: you can check this as well

    Paul Anderson: may I have your contact number pleaser

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: So let me ask this. Do you guys accept student loans? I am eligible for $28,000 from Sallie Mae, which is Title X funding here in the US. Do you guys accept that? I can get that amount for each degree i go for.

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: The X is 10 in Roman numerals, by the way.

    Paul Anderson: Im sorry we dont accept that

    Paul Anderson: how ever we can offer you federal grants

    Paul Anderson: which you dont need to repay

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Oh wow. Darn. Ok then. How would I pay for the classes?

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: How do you offer federal grants that I dont have to repay? That sounds awesome. I didnt know those existed!

    Paul Anderson: all you need to pay is $5100 in one shot payment

    Paul Anderson: and the rest of the money will be covered by the Federal Grants which you dont need to repay

    Paul Anderson: $5100 will be for the all 3 majors which you want to go for

    Paul Anderson: you will get a Bachelor's degree in all 3 majors which you require

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: What are the names of the grants? How many are there? $5100 is a lot for me to pay all at one time, so I want to make sure I qualify for these grants and I want to know what they are.

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Hello?

    Paul Anderson: we get some federal grants from the US Government

    Paul Anderson: and you can take advantage of it

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Im very interested in all 3 degrees, but I really want to know more about these grants.

    Paul Anderson: if you go ahead and reserve it right now

    Paul Anderson: since i have only 1 seat available

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Are they exclusive to your college only, or can any college access these grants?

    Paul Anderson: Alright please provide me some basic information

    Paul Anderson: That is for Must Only !

    Paul Anderson:

    Paul Anderson:

    Paul Anderson: Registration Date : 11TH May 2012

    Paul Anderson: 1) Complete Name :

    Paul Anderson: 2) Date of Birth :

    Paul Anderson: 3) Address :

    Paul Anderson: 4) Email :

    Paul Anderson: 5) Contact Phone Number :

    Paul Anderson: 6) Working Experience :

    Paul Anderson: 7) Last Qualification :

    Paul Anderson: 8) Maritual Status :

    Paul Anderson: 9) Reason for applying at MUST :

    Paul Anderson: 10) Mode of payment Credit or Debit card :

    Paul Anderson:

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Oh wow. So there's only 1 seat left for these MUST University only grants??? MUST be my lucky day!!

    Paul Anderson: Please provide me the following information one by one here

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Name: Ambrosia Lily-Rose Juggernaut

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: 7/7/77

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Alpheretta GA

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: [email protected]

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: 865-555-1212

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: No work experience

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: AA and AS degrees from University of Podunk

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Im single

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Im applying to get 3 degrees in fields that would take me years and years so I can get a good paying job really fast

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Im paying via credit card

    Paul Anderson: Great !

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Is that everything? Do you need anything else?

    Paul Anderson: please wait now

    Paul Anderson: You want to go for a Bachelor's degree Correct ?

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: There will be no question at all about these degrees, right? i can present them to any college or employer and they are fully accredited and legitimate?

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Yes, I want 3 bachelor's degrees

    Paul Anderson: yes 100%

    Paul Anderson: let me show you something

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Ok

    Paul Anderson: MUSTIANS in Spotlight

    Paul Anderson: MUST Partner Employers

    Paul Anderson: Mustians work at !

    Paul Anderson: Please check out these links

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: MUST Featured Employers

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: This one?

    Paul Anderson: yes

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: And this one? MUST Partner Employers

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: And also this one? MUST University

    Paul Anderson: yes

    Paul Anderson: correct

    Paul Anderson: wow

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Very, very cool. Makes my decision so much easier

    Paul Anderson: you have already checked out everything

    Paul Anderson: Great !

    Paul Anderson: Please wait now

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: If I wanted to come back and teach here after I finish my degrees, could I?

    Paul Anderson: yes

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Very nice. How long will it take me to complete all 3 degrees?

    Paul Anderson: didnt you check Must career center ?

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: No I didnt lol

    Paul Anderson: Its 100% self paced study program

    Paul Anderson: Career Services

    Paul Anderson: it depends on your speed and your pace

    Paul Anderson: how soon you wish to complete your degree

    Paul Anderson: the more fast you study , the more fast you complete it

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Lastly, before I sign on the dotted line, can you tell me a few things? Do you guys offer any kind of graduation ceremony? If so, where do we go for it? Do you offer any .edu email address or student id cards? What are your school colors and mascot? I love this kind of stuff. lol

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: MUST I keep asking the same stuff over and over? Hello? Are you there?

    Paul Anderson: Well Since its an online University so there won't be any ceremony but yes once you are done with Bachelor's Degree we will send a Graduation Pack along with your gown , hat and ofcourse once you are enrolled in the next 10 working days you will get your welcome Pack in which you will get your Student ID card , stickers , and magazines

    Paul Anderson: yes I am : )

    Paul Anderson: let me provide me some Importance information now

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Ok great.

    Paul Anderson: Student ID: 2012-05-143648

    Paul Anderson:

    Paul Anderson: Program: Associate to Bachelors Degree Other Program

    Paul Anderson: School: Psychology

    Paul Anderson: Major: Clinical psychology

    Paul Anderson: Login ID : [email protected]

    Paul Anderson: Password : 1fYJH

    Paul Anderson: MUST University:: Sign In

    Paul Anderson: click on it

    Paul Anderson: and enter your user name and password

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: wait. whats [email protected]?

    Paul Anderson: thats your user name

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: where did it come from? Thats not my email

    Paul Anderson: its ok

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: how is it ok? who's email is it?

    Paul Anderson: you can use it for just to login

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Seriously, does it belong to anyone?

    Paul Anderson: no

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: It doesnt?

    Paul Anderson: if you want i can change it

    Paul Anderson: hold on

    Paul Anderson: let me change it for you

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Thats funny, because I just opened it right before i contacted you guys. I was told your site tries to install phishing malware on computers, so i thought I would see if its true. Guess it is. You guys are a scam. Nice try at not looking like a degree mill, but it didnt work.

    Ambrosia Lily-Rose: Cya!!
  2. NMTTD

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    I ran a Norton Quickscan, got rid of the tracking cookies, did A Norton Power eraser and got rid of everything deeply embedded and hard to find, got rid of rootkits (whatever they are), then did a final Quickscan. Everything is all clear and safe now. So, enjoy the chat!!!
  3. Bruce

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    Classic mill behavior....I called a mill once and had a voice conversation very similar to what you posted above, and then when I called back from a work phone (listed to a police department), it was never picked up.
  4. Shal916

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    Wow!! I don't think they are a degree mill. You MUST be mistaken because they MUST be accredited by an accreditor. We MUST pay 5k for a fake degree and MUST get screwed .Talk about scam to the maxxx... Wow!! Whats really sad is there are so many people who end up getting caught up into these scams. Knowledge is bliss!!
  5. Johann

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    Rootkits are basically malware designed to (sneakily) obtain privileged access to your computer.

    Explained here by the almighty Wiki : Rootkit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  6. jam937

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    Man that was like watching a train wreck about to happen in real time. I kept shouting JUMP! at my computer screen.
  7. NMTTD

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    LOL A train wreck? Why? You didnt really think I believed their crap did you?
  8. SurfDoctor

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    How shameful of you bothering those nice people over at MUST. :rolleyes:
  9. NMTTD

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    I know, right? I MUST be out of my mind to do such a thing. I MUST be punished.
  10. b4cz28

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    Oh god..."must" we keep doing this stuff? lol
  11. Maniac Craniac

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    One MUST never let a dead horse remain unbeaten.

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