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  1. mbwa shenzi

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    Many years ago, Pebble Hills was operating out of a cellar in the Antico Principato di Seborga, and the President of the PHU Nigerian Chapter was a bloke who called himself His Eminence Lord Monarch O. Ojierenem. He was Nigerias first Grand PhD, a title bestowed upon him by the World Information Distributed University in Moscow. Googling him won't yield many hits nowadays, but back then, he was around, so to speak. Started his career at Obe & Nkem, an outfit interesting for a number of reasons, 419 to be exact.

    These days, Pebble Hills is also accredited by IAO, the International Accreditation Organization (an Axact thingy), and is an affiliate of CUFCE, California University Foreign Credential Evaluation. There was, and perhaps still is, some sort of mutual recognition and validation agreement between PHU and Anointed (or Anoited, the university isn't sure about which it is) University in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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  2. Johann

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    You should try and hear Gypsy Jazz Guitarist Jimmy Rosenberg's version of The Flintstones theme. It's awesome - I think he was about 14 when he recorded it.

    As far as Pebble Hills and Shenzen U.- I prefer not to think about it (Shudder!) I'm not aware of exactly what Shenzen U. was agreeing to do. I'm sure it wouldn't involve validating or endorsing any degree-looking papers from Pebble Hills U. They'd know better - - - wouldn't they?
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    Exactly my point. But they claim that they have a cooperation with Shenzhen University; and yes, it includes a validation... And they are not alone with this claim.

    I would include a link here, but I don't think that is a good idea.
  4. Johann

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    Thanks for the straight goods, Mbwa. I knew we could count on you! Myself, I wouldn't mind operating out of a wine-cellar, in a principality that Italy hasn't recognized for -- I don't know, maybe 800 years. Could be --uh, refreshing, I guess.:)
  5. Johann

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    Right -definitely not a good idea - the link. I found the info a number of places - mostly on the Pebble Hills site. I also found a picture of the (alleged) Pebble Hills main building - it looks like a computer-created MandelBox fractal - but I don't think it is. I don't think they could create one - could they?

    It's not crystal clear in the announcement - nothing ever is, here but I think you may get the award from the Institute for Special Economic Time Zones or similar. It's at Shenzen, but I don't know what it is - a rented room maybe? There's also a Pebble Hills Facebook page which advertises this and for $2,000 you can get a Shenzen (is it really?) MBA, if you have an existing MBA from just about anywhere else. "Calling all those getting the $249 degree from ENEB - Universidad Isabel 1. A Blue Light Special from Pebble Hills in Aisle 39!"

    For $1000, you can get an Honorary Ph.D. from some other place via Pebble Hills U. Or for I forget how much, you can take hypnotherapy etc. courses at Pebble Hills and be awarded a Bachelor's in Psychology from some Hong Kong Institute. It goes on and on....

    To show you how old I am - it reminds me of Bob Newhart's TV show in the 70s. The three brothers - "Larry, Daryl and Daryl - Anything for a buck."

    All this Pebble Hills talk is ruining my appreciation of Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto. See you later...
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  6. Rich Douglas

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    Not that this applies to any entity being discussed here, of course, but....

    A diploma mill is a partner in a fraud. You want to claim to possess a degree that you have not earned. For a fee, they agree to act as your wing man. They back up your false assertion with documents (diploma, transcripts made-to-order, even letters of recommendation), confirmation (a phone number others can call to check up on your "degree"), a website (complete with fake curricula, fake faculty names, and other falsified trappings), and even fake accreditation to attest to the accreditity (kidding) of the school. That's a lot more than your buddy at the bar attesting to your fighter pilot past as you try to pick up a girl. But's it's the same idea.

    About two decades ago, John Bear wrote a splendid article examining the phenomenon from the buyer's standpoint. Was the diploma mill customer a victim or a villain? While there are some arguments to be made on each side, I've come down on the villain side. Yes, there are some people who truly get fooled by this, thinking their previous credits, life experience, or recent unpublished book have earned them a degree. But I feel almost all diploma mill customers know they're participating in a scam.
  7. mbwa shenzi

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    I think the problem was that the wine-cellar wasn't independent enough.

  8. Johann

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    Good one!

    I spent some time looking at the accrediting org. owner's site today. Quite a list of organizations he belongs to, including the Institute of Company and Commercial Accountants, in Nigeria. Obviously a coincidence, but that sounds a bit similar to a Nigerian fellow familiar to you and me, Mbwa. You know - the "wheeler-dealer" I guess you could call him. That guy had something to do with Irish something-or-other, as well as a fraud examiners' school and / or professional organization in Nigeria. Certainly a fertile place for such an outfit.

    Na condition wey make crayfish bend.
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  9. Johann

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    All them an' then some. We can add University of Entrepreneurship and Technology to the list. Lovely Professional University - a good (and properly-credentialed) school in India was honoured by an award (not accreditation) from CIAC - as Most Innovative University. Good PR move by CIAC. ... I think at least two of these CIAC accredited schools, KEISIE and Tech. U. of Americas have locations in the US.
  10. mbwa shenzi

    mbwa shenzi Active Member

    Where, as it happens, Prof Dr GD Singh is a member of the Governing Council & Advisory Board. In addition to being accredited by CIAC, the University of Entrepreneurship and Technology holds accreditation from the International Higher Education Accreditation Council (IHEAC) and the World Accreditation Board of Online Universities (WABOU). President of the Indian chapter of both organisations is Prof Dr GD Singh.

    That happens. Hard to beat old Irish International University, though: when the authorities in Malaysia declared that they didn't recognise IIU, the university's reply was to announce that "yeah, but we recognise you.

    I hadn't noticed but apparently Prof Dr GD Singh is an honorary member of the governing council of Pebble Hills University. The world of universities with, well, alternative recognition and accreditation is indeed small. What I did notice however, is that these fairly new kids on the block are also into stuff like inter-governmental world peace and diplomacy organisations and peerages, see and
  11. mbwa shenzi

    mbwa shenzi Active Member

    You never know, but I doubt there's a connection. The bloke in charge of the Nigerian side of things is a guy holding a degree from Triune University, Washington, USA (I've never heard of it before). He too is a member of the Governing Council of the University of Entrepreneurship, by the way.

    As for the other guy, yes, Irish University Business School, the European-American University (a John Kersey thingy, recognized, it is claimed, by the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara in Uganda), West Coast University Panama (Sarfraz Lloyd, one of Axact's competitors in the late 90s) and the university that sued us.
  12. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    That's been going on for a while. If I remember right, The International Parliament for Safety and Peace accredited some pretty famous um- alternative schools, including Sarfraz Lloyd's West Coast University Panama, the Russian thing- IUFS and John Kersey's European-American University - also mentioned by you.

    The wiki link on the International Parliament etc, is an entertaining - and wacky - read. /wiki/International_Parliament_for_Safety_and_Peace

    Johann, Metropolitan of Yehupetz, Knight of the Eparchy of Kazrilevka
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  13. Johann

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    Not 100% Russian, I suppose. Located in Moscow, was in St. Petersburg. They've had some American help, no doubt, and that of a Mahatma with a Doctorate in Satellite TV and at least five other unverifiable doctorates. A former teacher of 'rocket science' in his village. That part is verifiable, at least.
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  14. mbwa shenzi

    mbwa shenzi Active Member

    Yes, I know, you have to give these newbies credit for upholding a tradition, though. But Chief Alexander Swift Eagle Justice is still in a league of his own.

    No, because the founder/rector, D.D, Ph.D., Ed.D., J. D., D.Sc., - Theologian etc Shanti Pushpa Kumara Jayasekara is from Sri Lanka.

    I wonder what he's up to these days, and also, is the Professor, PhD, Grand PhD and Winner of the Second Lenin Prize for Science still alive?
  15. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Academician Evreinov still appears to be alive. I think he is 92 - born in 1928.
    I believe Chief Swift Eagle may be deceased. Not positive it was him, but a reliable person referred me to a .url with a death notice for an Alexander Swift Eagle - how many can there be? He was born in 1943 - same year I was born. He is still listed as "Chiff Swift Eagle " a full professor at IUFS
    The Rector/Mahatma? I think he's still heading up IUFS. At least, his picture is the first you see on the site, IIRC.
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  16. Johann

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    As a matter of public record, one of Chief Swift Eagle Justice's former domains - accrediting-dot-com - appears to be up for sale. Anybody want to go in with me?
  17. Mac Juli

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    Why would I if is still free?! - In anybody wants to steal this idea: please do...!

    Best regards,
    Mac Juli
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  18. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Stealing appeals to me; it seems appropriate for starting a larcenous, bogus agency - one that accredits larcenous, bogus schools.
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  19. mbwa shenzi

    mbwa shenzi Active Member


    If you register the domain, I'm in. Larcenous, bogus - and silly.
  20. Mac Juli

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    That one is still free. - Don't let me even start with the possibilities the new .mba - domains could give...
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