How to stall a job offer?

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    How do you turn down an offer for good after you told them you've accepted another offer and they ask if you will consider a counteroffer? As of now, I told the dean I would think about it over the weekend and get back to her. However, I thought about it long and hard, and I will not second guess my initial decision. So how do I tell her on Monday that it's still a no and I do not want to negotiate? I feel bad because she was happy when I said I would think about it on the weekend.

    I decided to go with the TT position over the NTT faculty/program director position I mentioned in a previous post. It's funny because I was also declining the TT position, and they asked me to reconsider. So, I did! Although they haven't yet approved the negotiated salary and credit towards tenure in writing, which we discussed, I would still be happier with this position.
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    "It's still a no and I do not want to negotiate."
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    There is absolutely no reason to feel bad.

    "I thought about it and have decided to accept a different offer."
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    I am happy to announce that I have accepted a tenure track Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at an R2 (high research activity) university. The University offers a bachelor’s degree in CJ and a master’s degree in CJ. I have been awarded one-year credit towards tenure for my time at UVI. Hence, I will apply for tenure/promotion after five years instead of six years. In addition, I was initially offered the maximum salary for my discipline (low 60s). However, I negotiated for a specific amount, which meant the Dean had to make a case for this exception, which the Provost approved.

    I began applying for positions as early as August 2021 (only weeks into my time at UVI). I applied for jobs in 25 states (stupid of me because I would never live in some of those states, so I withdrew many applications). However, the states with the most applications were Pennsylvania (14), Georgia & Texas (12 each), North Carolina & Virginia (7 each), Illinois & Massachusetts (6 each), and Connecticut, New York, & Remote (5 each). So, in order of preference, my desired states were PA, GA, TX, NC, and VA. I received a total of 32 interview requests (declined 11). Some of the schools that interviewed me include:

    · University of Dayton (TT) *R2

    · Georgia Southern University (TT) *R2

    · Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TT) *R2

    · Bowling Green State University (NTT) *R2 – Assistant Teaching Professor

    · SUNY, Empire State College (TT)

    · University of Houston-Downtown (TT)

    · Huntingdon College (TT) *Advanced to Campus Visit

    · Assumption University (NTT) – Professor of Practice *Advanced to Campus Visit

    (Dean resigned shortly after my campus visit. They asked me to interview on Zoom with the interim dean; I declined & withdrew my candidacy). Beautiful school, but I can’t deal with MA snowfall.

    · Holy Family University (NTT) *this school doesn’t have a system of tenure

    · Texas A&M Commerce (NTT) – Instructor (Competency-Based Program)

    Some of the interviews I declined include:

    · UT Rio Grande Valley (TT) *R2

    · Southern University A&M College (TT) *R2

    · University of Dubuque (?)

    · Central Methodist University (TT)

    · Limestone University (TT)

    · Jarvis Christian College (TT)

    · Shaw University (NTT) *this school doesn’t have a system of tenure

    Schools I turned down after advancing past the first interview include:

    · Northern Kentucky University (NTT) – invitation to campus visit

    · Framingham State University (NTT) – invitation to campus visit (post-doc 2-year teaching fellowship)

    · Indiana University East (NTT) – invitation to campus visit

    · Mitchell College (NTT) – invitation to campus visit

    Offers I declined:

    · Eastern University (TT) – declined because the handbook stated I could be terminated for moral turpitude. This was my #1 school due to its location in the Philly metro area. The pay offered was 55k (I did not negotiate since I wasn’t interested).

    · University of Saint Joseph, CT (NTT) – this is an Assistant Professor/Program Director of Criminal & Restorative Justice. However, I decided to accept a tenure track position after my salary request and credit towards tenure were approved at the school I chose. The pay offered was 65k plus a 2k PD stipend (I did not negotiate despite the invitation for a counteroffer once I told them I would accept another position).

    Like my dissertation chair said, I could have easily had at least 5 offers hadn’t I withdrawn some of my applications and declined further consideration for others. However, I was very selective, and I got a position that I am delighted to start.

    On another note, my current Dean asked me to continue serving as the Lead Faculty for CJ online programs at the request of the Director of Online Learning & Instruction. Since December, she has been asking me to consider continuing to work with UVI Online. It’s a semester-by-semester contract in which I do administrative stuff like approve faculty to teach courses each sub-term, hire new adjuncts & SMEs, review courses, supervise course designers, etc.

    BTW: None of this would have been possible without my Liberty University Ph.D.!


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    Congratulations! I hope you love your new position.
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    Thank you, Vicki!
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    I got an interview request from an R1 (VCU) today. It's for a non-tenure-track Asst Prof of CJ position with the potential to teach in the Ph.D. in Public Policy/Administration. I had to decline, though. Once I signed my contract last week, I withdrew my online applications. However, I had forgotten about VCU, though I only applied last month. I only applied to three R1 schools during the search process - one was TT (Wayne State), but I did not check Carnegie before applying. Otherwise, I wouldn't have applied. The other two were NTT: UGA (a lecturer position) and VCU. I am not suggesting that someone with a non-traditionally earned doctorate from a school with lesser prestige cannot secure a TT position at an R1 school (Dr. Sparkman-Keys did at ODU), but I think the odds are improbable.
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    I received the following email today from the provost at a school I had previously declined an offer.

    Dear Dr. [Name]:

    I hope you're doing well. A few months ago we offered you a faculty position in Criminal Justice, which you declined. I want to respect your decision, but I also want you to know about changes we've made at [Uni name].

    [Uni name] now, officially, welcomes applications for employment from LGBTQ+ persons. If this was an issue for you, and I understand that it was, then I'd like to let you know our offer still stands.

    Please let me know if you're interested and we'll pick up the conversation.

    With appreciation,
    [Provost's name]

    I am happy that they are becoming more inclusive but it is a little too late (2+ months).
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